By Muyiwa Adekojede

The Lagos State University College of Medicine managementdumped students’ properties outside its halls of residence at Ikeja.

It was gathered that the college had urged students except the final year to take out their belonging from their respective hostels months back.

However, these directives weren’t properly adhered to as most students are currently not in Lagos.

Many items such as electronics, books e.t.c. were all left in the rain as students failed to pick up their belongings.

Nonetheless, Acting Provost of the Lagos State University College of Medicine, Prof Abiodun commented on these recent developments.

“Students left March and we asked them to move all their belongings out of the hostel because we want to renovate the hostels. 

“We are renovating our hostels, we had given the notice a long time ago, the students’ body sent the notice to all the classes and the idea is that after a deadline if there are things that are still there, we will move them out so that we can renovate the rooms, that’s the situation.”

As gathered by Sahara reporters, Coordinator, Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations of the university, Mr.Ademola Adekoya, was contacted, however, he faked ignorance of the development. He promised a correspondent response when he receives enough information on the event.

A student spoke about the negativity of the incident.

“After the reopening, the state government asked that only students in exit classes should resume and also instructed students in middle classes to move their things out of the hostel.

“But some of them couldn’t come back to pick their belongings because they are not in Lagos. I think this is very insensitive and silly, there should be a way to help them manage their belongings rather than throwing them out like that.”

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