By Martin-Rita Adebayo

The gubernatorial election in Edo State may have come to an end, but the dust is yet to settled. There has been mixed reactions that trailed the outcome of the election. The post mortem result of the election has recorded the villains, winner, victims and possibly the issue based which is one topic for a nation building character. 

Politics is an art which varies in whatever context it may supposed to be, but one thing is always sacrosanct about it, and that is interest. The Edo election is one that is keenly contested based on personal ego and selfish interest of the political gladiators involved. It is on a note that a once godfather was trounced and pounced at the poll by his estranged political godson. This is a variable to the case on ground. It is also a known fact that both the winner and the ones who lost the election were not the true victim of the whole process. Both were only a thief and accomplice that comes into the proverbial house to rob the owner of the house their common heritage.

It has been argued back and forth that the election is not an issue based one when many were trying to scratch off the surface about godfatherism, betrayal and loyalty. Had it been these were the focal point that this election was based, then none of the two major parties in this contest shouldn’t have come near victory. It is a case of new wine in an old bottle. A bleached skin in the same body and substance. The incumbent and eventual winner of the election go tough on the issue of godfather which he’s a beneficiary of in 2016 when he ran for the office of the Governor of Edo state. He made this a basis of his campaign and he used it as a weapon against his perceived opposition to score a political point.

The Edo election is a major political event for the country amidst the deadly virus (Corona Virus) ravaging the world. This is a challenging time which inferred that times are not normal in a way. Many countries are finding it hard to cope and economies are dwindling which is a major effect on citizens. This is a challenge for state in a way which should have formed the basis for governance and election which I believe Edo state is not an exemption to. Although, the people have spoken and their choice have been made in the person of Governor Godwin Obaseki. In lieu of this, many have showered encomium on President Muhammadu Buhari for rising above partisan sentiment and coloration to protect the sanctity of the electoral box and preserve the political supremacy of the people to choose their choice.

Well, the ruling party the All Progressive Congress led Federal Government have not done anything deserving to worth any Nigerian vote with the recent hike in premium motor spirit, new inhumane electricity tariff, increase in daily and material commodities in the market. One can say, it is a rebellious vote against the ruling party, but the opposition party too are not deserving in a way. The state they held sway have not shown any indicator of a better alternative too. The third force strength are not coming up either in a way which makes a tough decision or task for any electorate. The President is seen to stay aloof probably on the issues on ground which does not favor his party. In anyway, he has done well not to have intervene in the process. It is a plus on his side. After all, it was on record that the ousted National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was caught on tape with the Chief of Staff to the President, Prof. Gambari charting and mapping out strategy on how to use the ‘Federal might/power’ to detain and trump up opposition with charges before, during and possibly after the election.

The dust raised in the election has not settled. The same godfathers are still much around. They only changed color and political sentiment and affiliation in a way. The democracy practiced is still not the true representation of the people. It is only a case of one godfather against the other. Election should be purely issue based center around governance, administration, and making a difference in the lives of the people. It shouldn’t be about egocentric individuals. The role of godfathers should be limited and not extended to state matters. In a way, this is what cost the APC flag bearer, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu the election. It is more of a contest between two evil. As we go forward as a country, I hope we would contest more based on governance and issues that affect the people directly. 


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