Letter From My Future Self


By Oluwasikemi Akinniyi

Dear Oluwasikemi,

It must be strange and almost unbelievable hearing from me. This is you, me, from 2030 writing to you, in 2020.

The world I live in is much of an ideal world. Things are much better and Nigeria is fabulous. Nigeria is fabulous and the world is marvellous. People are aware of their surroundings and have gone beyond being selfish. We all look out for each other irrespective of age, status and gender. I mean there’s no talk of black, white, Asian or Hispanic; and it’s so comforting. No one calls me weak because I’m a woman. This brown skin girl walks confidently on the streets with her thick Afro. No is NO. People respect decisions on sexual activities. Sexual violence is almost nonexistent for females and males alike. This world embraces truth and the right human values and as the streets scream “UBUNTU”, I couldn’t be any less grateful.

There is peace and tranquillity as the police and other security agencies are working earnestly to keep everyone safe. There are stricter policies for offenders and justice is well served with cherries on top. It doesn’t matter who you are, accessing justice is so much better. There are still bad people but there’s an enormous good out there. No war has been recorded in the last 5 years and as I write this letter, there are no enemy countries or warring towns. Only security officers have access to weapons. Terrorism is gone with no traces and it’s so hard to believe that there was once Al-Qaeda or Boko-Haram.

Education is free for all and now, there are skill acquisition colleges where skills are readily available to be learnt at no cost. Travelling around the world is better as no country has a thing against the other. Tourism is without fear. In Nigeria, public transport has become so cheap and roads are so great. Uninterrupted power supply everywhere, no more “UP NEPA” noises as renewable energy sources are now maximized.

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s reports are endearing. Everyone now has access to quality healthcare. Health institutions are better equipped to take care of more patients efficiently. There is no stigma for those living with HIV/AIDS or sickle cell carriers. I love the fact that there are no more addiction-forming substances. Tobacco and drug-related industries were shut down some time ago after WHO in a survey discovered the number of people admitted into rehab worldwide increased by 0.3% weekly. It was a big flop for owners of such industries everywhere. The Nigerian government however diverted such people into farming and their industries to production and processing factories. Naija is the world’s food village thanks to that. World leaders came to a consensus that alcohol intoxication and drug addiction had battered so many families and contributed largely to vices and youth delinquency and so set the legal alcohol percentage to a 6. Now, only 6% of alcoholic beverages are in production. Surveys conducted after showed that the laws really paid off.

Once, world hunger reduced drastically. It was short-lived as the mark went higher. Turned out that digitalization had engulfed the world in 2025 and millions of people were losing their jobs to AI-powered machines and gadgets. The world came to see that technology was replacing humans and actions were taken to prevent it. Now the technological drive is such that ensures humans aren’t rendered useless.

Nigeria is fabulous and the world is so marvellous.

You, my dear, are still amazing. Your show, “Sike Talks” is doing so much bringing light where it’s seen. You haven’t stopped speaking up for what you believe in. You still love children and even with your friends, have a mentorship platform for school-age children. Your podcasts and write-ups are everywhere making a change. By profession, you’re a childcare expert, a freelance writer and a loved being. Your life is still being spent exploring the microbial world, just like you always wanted. You’re still you, just in an ideal world. A better you in a better world. Keep being you. Do faith, hope and charity.



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