Bitcoin: The Dip, The Death


By Owooluwa Favour

Bankole stepped into the sitting room and called out to Sammy. “My gee,” he said.

“I dey come, I dey come, my guy, I dey bathroom,” Sammy responded and wondered why Kole’s voice sounds glee. What had happened, why the sudden change in tone? He quickly washed offthe foam on his body, threw a short on and rushed out to meet Kole meditating with a box of pizza. Not just any box, the biggest box of pepperoni pizza, his favourite and a bottle of cold wine.

“My guy, wetin dey happen for here, who dey do birthday? Where did you get this money? Did you steal again?” Sammy kept dishing out different questions before he was stopped by Bankole. 

“Steal money again bawo?” Bankole said with a shocking face. “I don steal person money for your eye before? Which kind yeye bant be that now?” Bankole asked annoyed. 

“Chill, Chill, you know I didn’t mean it like that now. I’m just surprised… where did you get the money for this? Just yesterday you were sad, whining about how to pay your school fees and buy Dr.Adekogun’s hand out… how come, pizza and wine? twenty-four hours never pass o! I’ll be a bad friend if I don’t ask you anything.” Bankole sighed. Although he reflected that Sammy’s assumption was true. He thought to himself, what Sammy was talked about made sense and noteworthy.

“I get, I get. I’m sorry for lashing out at you, I know you don’t believe in cryptocurrency but the truth is… I knack correct buyer o. “I sold some of my bitcoins, na so I hit 800k o my guy. I don pay off my fees, pay house rent, pay everything payable con dey celebrate. In fact, when we finish this one, chicken and chips with correct chivita dey kitchen. In fact ehn, I …” He paused. talking as soon as he noticed sammy lost in thoughts while counting his fingers. He chuckled and tapped away Sammy on the shoulder.

“Wait, you mean 800k? for just a few bitcoins? How I fit invest my guy? Gist me asap…. but wait o, you sure say e legit abi?” 

“Yes, very legit, but how you wan take invest? you keep money for one underground apartment?” 

“Forget that thing, I go get the money, just gist me” Bankole nodded and started explaining.



      Bankole rushed to Sammy’s apartment as soon as he heard about the crash of bitcoin. He was bamboozled with shock when he found Sammy hanged at the neck from the ceiling. He quickly untied him and did some basic things he knew as a medical student. When Sammy was resuscitated, he began to cry.

“Guy, I ask you say shey e legit? You talk say yes… all the investment I watched grow rapidly don go be that. Bitcoin wey I sell my inheritance buy just crash like that. I…”

Bankole cuts in as he heard the word inheritance.

“Wait, wait, wait o! By inheritance do you mean that your land at magodo? Wait, you sold it and invested in cryptocurrency without telling me?” Bankole asked enraged, how could Sammy sell the only thing he could lean on to as his? 

“Forget that one jhor, you for just let me die o. My next move now is to just sell all my coins and start a fast rising business”. 

Bankole cut in unable to believe his ears. 

“Which coins? guy no be so crypto business be o! e fit drop anytime but e go rise again. You really want to sell all the coins you bought for that high price this low because of the drop? Do you see me panicking? give it time, it will rise again”. Sammy snorted and wiped in awe of Kole’s stupidity.

“And you call this courage? how you take dey sure? In this country? Okay, tell me why you believe so much in this because me I’m going to sell my coins o!”

“Na today I start this business? Crypto currency is about patience and sense my guy… check the chart, there was a drop in 2014, another in 2017… but it rose again. The 2017 own rose like almost a year after and it really moved at a fast pace. Wipe your tears, let’s go and buy foodstuffs jare. And before I forget, never try to end your life over life’s problems. The problems will end up getting resolved but the life is gone forever. Okay now, reason am, who go spend your bitcoin later in the future if you don die today? Let’s go jor, no be for my hand you go kill yourself” He said.

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