The Economic Importance Of A Good Nap Time


By Adesuwa Ojo

With all the hustle, bustle and stress that comes with trying to keep the G.P up; Trying to make enough money from as many side-hustles as possible to survive in this economy, one thing always suffers and that is Our Sleep.

According to research, it was discovered in 2016 that about 40% of Nigerians are living with a sleeping problem. It was also discovered that the average Nigerian sleeps for about just about 4-5 hours daily as opposed to the 8 hours as recommended by medical practitioners and health specialists. 

For most Nigerians, the more you sleep, the lazier and less successful you would be. In fact, it has become a common trend where people brag about sleeping for 2-3 hours because “they are all about the hustle”. Sadly, they fail to recognize the fact that the relationship between productivity and rest is a symbiotic one.

Research has proven that sleep deprivation or lack of sleep could lead to “…cardiovascular disease(s), mental problems, motor vehicle accidents and overall poor quality of life.” It could also lead to anxiety, unstable mood, drowsiness, forgetfulness and cognitive impairment amongst others.

Besides the physical effects of under-sleeping, the psychological effect is so adverse, you’d try to never go another night without sleeping right. Under-sleeping leads to an increase in errors and absent-mindedness in the workplace and school while simultaneously decreasing productivity in personal and professional relationships.

Now can you imagine the effect of a 60% sleep-deprived population on the economic growth of a nation?

Thus, for the good of the nation, one’s occupation and one’s self a good nap time cannot be ignored. Although on some days, we have no choice other than to go 24hrs without sleep, we must ensure it doesn’t go beyond that.

So if you read this, Please pause today and have a good nap time for the good of all.

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