PTCIJ Trains UNILAG Campus Journalists


Precious Abiola

The Premium Times Centre For Investigative Journalism trained campus journalists in the University of Lagos with the support of the Mass Communication department and Press Club UNILAG.

The 4-day intensive training began on Monday 26th of July and ended on Thursday 29th of July 2021. The training was divided into morning and afternoon sessions- the morning session started from 10am-12am followed by an hour tea break and the afternoon session resumed from 1pm-3pm.

40 campus journalists participated in the training with 3 seasoned coaches- Mr Kemi Busari, Mrs Busola Ajibola and Mrs Femke Zeiji respectively. The training was held virtually on Zoom due to the current status of the University of Lagos which was shut down due to Covid-19.

On the first day of the training, the campus journalists were trained on -from accountability media to investigative journalism by Mr Kemi, Journalism Ethics/ Conflict Reporting ethics and monitoring by Mrs Busola, Conflict root, causes, and triggers and a practical session on conflict reporting by Mrs Femke.

The second day took a new turn with Lectures on the reporting value chain by Mr Kemi, Humanitarian And conflict law and treaties by Mrs Busola and Practical sessions on Conflict reporting interview by Mrs Femke.

On the third day, the campus journalists were introduced to data journalism by Mr Kemi, storytelling and human interest by Mrs Femke, Nuanced gender perspectives in reporting conflict by Femke and a continued practical sessions by Femke and a continued practical sessions on conflict reporting.

The last day of the training started with introduction of fact checking class by Mr Kemi, Exploring Approaches And News types in conflict reporting, Safety and security for campus journalists and lastly the campus journalists were introduced the Campus Reporter project- a platform created by PTCIJ in collaboration with Ford Foundation. It is part of PTCIJ’s program to support “Evidence-based multimedia and investigative journalism in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.” The participants were supported with Data and Lunch Allowances from PTCIJ.


  Some of the opportune campus journalists shared their training experience with this reporter:

“It was amazing. I loved that there was an interaction between the coaches and the students. The coaches really took their time to teach and help us understand. I loved the whole thing about the training.” Victoria said.

“My training experience at PTCIJ was quite expository. With this training I’ve been able to improve on my interviewing skills, data journalism as well as covering conflict scenes. Four days well spent. Thank you PTCIJ.” Seyi explained.

“The practicals were good one, it helped me to unlearn and relearn existing practices and assess personal bias.” Paul said.

“My training experience with PTCIJ was insightful. I learnt on ethics as well on interviewing techniques alongside others but those two really stood out for me. Really grateful for the opportunity.” Joy said 

“Well, it was an interesting one. Femke was so realistic with teaching, citing live examples from an imaginary live interview to a lot more. Kemi was superb too. He’s explanations were top notch. Busola didn’t Carry last, she came so down to our level. And we’re given data and lunch allowance. In fact I would love it if we get another.” Seyifunni said.

“It is one of the best journalism training I’ve attended. I like the fact that it was intensive and eye opening and it involved practicals as well. It was an interactive space which was very amazing and the training ignited my passion for journalism.” Joseph said

“It was a great learning platform and I really learnt about fact checking, prior to the training I didn’t know how to fact check news, I just spread any information I saw. I also learnt how to turn down offers when given money as a journalist “don’t worry, my office got it covered”.Eniola said

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