ASUU Rejects FG Proposal To Have Student Pay Up to 1M as School Fees


By Muyiwa Adekojede

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has rejected federal government plans to have students pay an increased school fees of 1 million naira which will be initially acquired as loan.

ASUU National President, Emmanuel Osodeke, disclosed how the union refuted FG proposals to increase school fees of all university students to N1m.

He explained that government was intending to open an education bank, and then, go forth to offer stu a school fees worth up to 1 million in form of a loan which will be paid back at five per cent interest rate year when they graduate.

“At the last negotiation, the first thing they told us was that we should negotiate for our allowances and salaries but we said no, let’s discuss funding first. When we know how much you’re going to pay, then we can negotiate salary. Reluctantly, they went on,” ASUU President said.

“Then, they raised another issue which was why we delayed for four years, that students must pay N1m as school fees every year; the government said 70 percent will be paid to the university while the student keeps 30 percent.

“We asked them where and how the students would source the money and they told us not to worry. They said they would open an education bank and the students would go there and take the N1m every year,” Osodeke continued.

“And by the time you are graduating, you would have been owing N5m or N6m. If it takes you 20 years to get a job, that five percent interest on that loan would be building. 

“We said we will never allow that, and that was why we went on strike and we delayed in calling off the strike.

“If we had accepted that students pay N1m as school fees, they would have increased our pay easily and who would the public and the students blame? It is ASUU.”

According to Osodeke, if ASUU had accepted such a proposal from the government, the general public would have heavily condemned the union’s genuine struggle and fighting.

All these was recently unveiled by the ASUU President at a one-day ‘State Of The Nation Summit’ organised by ASUUBauchi zone.

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