How Final Year Gets Expulsion After Beating Lecturer Mercilessly


By Muyiwa Adekojede

Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa, a Microbiology student at Unilorin, had gone to Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos State, to meet a friend for the first time. 

Upon his arrival at the friend’s place, he had to wait for the friend as he couldn’t get the chance to him immediately.

While waiting, Salaudeen “felt the urge to urinate.”

He made a few steps near a car parked next to him and urinated at a drainage near a parked car.

Upon relieving himself from the inner pressure of urine, someone challenged Salaudeen of his purpose behind the car.

It is believed that the challenger had just washed the car Salaudeen urinated near to. 

According to Salaudeen, he said he was accused of being a thief and was not allowed to explain himself before a mob descended on him.

In no time, jungle justice was meted on Saludeen.

He was later handed him over to the police which led to detention for two months.

Meanwhile, the two months spent in cell by Salaudeen was already slated for his SWIS program — popularly known as ‘IT’.

According to an on-campus journalist at Uniilorin, after Salaudeen was eventually released, he went to the office of a female lecturer, Mrs. Rahmat Zakariyau, to beg her to help wave the mandatory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme course which he missed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Regardless of all circumstances, the lecturer said there was no help to offer, except he joined the next set which would result in an extra year.

According to a report, Salaudeen claimed to have meet up with Zakariyau numerous times, but all led to no avail before the unbelievable occurred last Thursday.

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

Salaudeen had decided to go see the lecturer again to beg for a waiver of the SIWIS program he missed.

Salaudeen said on the fateful Thursday when he entered the lecturer’s office, immediately, she ordered him out of her office.

”I got angry, I don’t know what came over me, I started arguing,” Salaudeen said. She told me to leave her office,”

“I told her if I don’t leave, what is she going to do?,” Salaudeen continued.

“She then threw a mug at me which injured me and I started beating her,” he added.

While he rushed his lecturer with a stylish combo of punches, Salaudeen said, the female lecturer did not make any move to fight back, as such he continued to beat her.

According to Salaudeen, he later dragged the lecturer out of her office while still unleashing his wrath on her.

”I dragged her out and she ran. I chased and kept beating her before people came. I tried to run but was later caught by the school security,” he stated.

Salaudeen who is also known as Captain Walz was later taken to the security cell of the institution.

Result Of The Action

On Monday, Salaudeen was expelled after being found guilty of assaulting a lecturer from the same department, Mrs. Rahmat Zakariyau.

Kunle Akogun, the Director of Corporate Affairs at the University, said that Salaudeen was arraigned on Monday by the Student Disciplinary Committee, and that “he has 48 days to appeal against the verdict to the Vice-Chancellor in case he feels dissatisfied with the decision.”

“Salaudeen has since been handed over to the police for further necessary action,”, Akogun added.

Salaudeen received a letter from the University Registrar stating, “You will recall that you appeared before the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC) to defend yourself in respect of an allegation of misconduct leveled against you.

“After due consideration of all evidences before it, the Committee was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the allegation of misconduct has been established against you. It has accordingly recommended to the Vice-Chancellor, who in exercise of the power conferred on him, has directed that you Salaudeen, Waliu Aanuoluwa be expelled from the University.

“Accordingly, you are hereby expelled from the University with immediate effect.

“You are required to submit forthwith, all University property in your custody including your Student Identity Card to the Dean of Student Affairs or his representative and keep off the campus.

“In case you are dissatisfied with this decision, you are free to appeal to the University Council through the Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences to the Vice-Chancellor within forty-eight (48) days of the date of this letter.”

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