By Alagbala R. Adesewa

Are you a lover of creativity? George A. Moore once said:

Reality can destroy the dream; Why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality?”

So get up and get to work!

Are you worried about the disapproval in their eyes?

You can be the voice of the voiceless, great minds bring their dreams to reality.

People feel happy and are able to put out their best only when they are allowed to pursue their desired dreams.

Alagbala Adesewa

Satisfactory (a poem for dream Chasers)

Life has promised to turn around with me if I remain a leopard in the battle of gaining
As I have also complied by rising from sleep every dawn to acquire skills and knowledge from the world
Oh! It brings little joy as the one who birthed me reprobate this dream which make me feel like glum
A doomed curiosity in dismay
Just like being in a lonely cage.

Resilience and diligence welcome me to reality with a broad smile
Life turns as the thunder claps
As passion mend the brokenness of a helpless soul
And a living dead zeal reincarnate
Oh! The pangs of broken wings are exiled.

I am a real Braggart of my own decisiveness
Since I have the satisfaction of my consequences
Oh! What a satisfaction that brings excitement
As voices of the earth praise me of being an intellect
And the pangs of broken wings are exiled.

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