OPINION: ASUU Strikes Almost Every Year, What Then is the Point of Schooling?


ASUU Strike: NANS mobilises for nationwide shutdown – The Sun Nigeria

By Modupe

School isn’t the problem, the governance of institutions is. The disheartening fact lies in the effects of intermittent hiatus which burns up Nigeria’s educational system.

The tussle continues between the elected government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) members. Usually, the government takes months to recognize ASUU’s interest. Then, another couple of weeks to revert to ASUU’s agitation before taking another few weeks or even months to negotiate. This results in only one party suffering the most burns—the students.

It is no wonder students don’t take education seriously as in the past. No thanks to the present government that has chosen to endorse frivolous activities in place of education. Students endure a lot during the ASUU Strikes. From being thrown out of their hostels, halted in school allowances, and even having very limited social lives. In spite of all that, once the strike has ended, the students are expected to resume school as though the time off had no impact on them, their future or their lives in general.

In that case, you might ask yourself: Why bother with school?

The government and other major stakeholders fail to realize that a school is a place where education and learning intersect. Practically, this entails empowering people with knowledge and skills to take on the world and not a place for intermissions or solitary rests. All these have caused education to be under-emphasized by many lives. This is why many still perceive education as a waste of time.

Let me tell you why education in schools or perhaps in sophisticated institution is so crucial.

An institution of higher learning is an infrastructure that provides resources, tools and sets you up for the pursuit of your dreams and the competition with other professionals around the world. As you explore the university, you grow in your knowledge about yourself, your passion, your interests, as well as develop relationships with like-minded people, including those who may not agree with you. The wholesome experience you get through this will be a great opportunity for you to gain experience points in preparation for the world out there. Nonetheless, don’t fret. It is a process that prepares you in multiple ways for the world outside which ultimately brings you closer to your dreams and ambitions.

And if you do still wonder why bother with school, now you know!

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