NUGA2022: On the remarks of visitors about accommodation


By Oluwademilade Peters

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

Henry IV, William Shakespeare

The host institution for the 26th edition of Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) competition, University of Lagos has suffered backlash from members of the visiting institutions.

The basis of the unsatisfactory remarks lies solely on the “deplorable” state of accommodation (as one Twitter user put it) the visitors have to endure throughout the NUGA events.

As at March 18th, 2022, data collected confirmed that over 50 universities had registered for the events and about 30 more were expected.

These visiting institutions came in troops with their athletes, coaches, coach assistants, protocol teams, reinforcements, medical teams, volunteers and other students.

Upon arrival, there have been some complaints among the visitors. Athletes and officials who were allocated the university’s undergraduate halls of residence have lodged complaints about the state of the rooms they’ve been allocated.

Speaking with Henry, a Taekwondo coach from Delta State University, he shared his experience with TPC UNILAG.

Though, he commended the school’s electricity and water distribution, he complained bitterly about the lack of functioning fans in the rooms.

“The fans are not working and there isn’t proper ventilation.”

He however claimed that these were not reasons enough to get disturbed from winning at the NUGA competitions.

TPC UNILAG also came across encouraging remarks. Benjamin from Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) expressed how nice the rooms have been.

“I’ll rate it a 70%,” he said when asked about the condition of the room he was allocated to.

Benjamin told us he enjoyed the ambience and fine structures of the school’s bold buildings. The greenery and fine structures seem to be fascinating and attractive to the visiting athlete.

Additionally, he said that he liked the environment of the school and was honoured to be present.

Wale, a table tennis player, narrated the journey down to UNILAG and how he had interacted with athletes from other schools.

“Not totally impressed,” he replied when asked about the condition of the rooms.

“I expected more but we’ll make do with what we have.” He claimed he had heard a lot of things about the university and came with the expectation to experience the rich and luxurious life UNILAG had to offer, but he was slightly disappointed because of the unsatisfactory conditions of the hostels.

Just like Henry, he would not allow this little setback disturb him from taking medal(s) home.

Amidst all odds, they have all come with one ambition—to win.

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