ASUUStrike: 10 possible areas of exploration for undergraduates


By Modupe

With uncertainties looming around the current ASUU Strike, what runs through the minds of almost every undergraduate is: What Now?

This thought then begs for earnest reflection. In this article, possible future career alternatives for undergraduates are considered.

Here are 10 possible areas of exploration for undergraduates:

  • Start a course on Data Analytics — It’s a hot cake at the moment.

  • Try out a course on Digital Marketing — This is very helpful for you as a business owner or entrepreneur.

  • Volunteer for a start-up or an organization — Gain or refine your skills.

  • Create or touch-up your Curriculum Vitae (CV), Resume, and Cover Letter — Try out a course or read up online to improve either or all of them.

  • Start a Business — Maybe you’ve had an idea for a long while but been shy, anxious or afraid, why not start now?

  • Apply for Competitions, Fellowships, and/or Internships — This is not the time to stay idle and get depressed, keep yourself busy! Give it a try, comrade.

  • Hit the Gym — Why not keep your body fit with the extra time on your hands.

  • Re-brand! — If you currently have a business, you can use the time to put more energy into what you sell or create.

  • Read — And don’t roll your eyes (you should really try flipping through your note books) but I mean books that can help with your creativity. Possibly inspirational ones written by successful entrepreneurs, it just might be a kick-starter.

  • Write — Just like me, you might have an itching to let it all out through words on a paper or a screen. Lift the burden from your heart by organising your thoughts into words and telling someone out there about it!

ASUU Strike has claimed a ridiculous period of undergraduate studies. It is time for undergraduates to neglect procrastination.

Get Started and Keep It Up!

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