By Adesewa Alagbala

Faith Praiz was quoted to have said:

Unforgivingness cut short one’s spiritual growth

Also, in the words of Sadhguru:

Whether you have anger, hatred, jealousy or resentment against someone, essentially it only works against you.

Anger and unforgivingness belong to the same family and their aim is to basically take away one’s peace.

This is evident in the following text from my spoken word titled ANGER. It is not only for the short tempered, but for everyone equally.

We all rarely get upset about ourselves, right
Most of the times, it's others who tamper with our nerves and temper
But come to think of it
He gets you upset and walks away
He gives you headache and makes you do what you will probably regret
He makes you hunger for revenge which in the long run comes with negative consequences
Anger is a punishment
Anger is a trap 
Anger makes you blind
You see, happiness is free and make sure you don't lose your peace
Their plan is to take it all piece by piece
Because all they want is to see you break into pieces
But I will tell you this; those people do not deserve to take away your peace
They don't!

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