By Obinna Timothy

Divinity and nature implant human into the cave of a fellow human
In this cave do all humans receive their first and best nurture nature could provide
Nature brings forth the treasure in the cave at nativity
in helpless and pure form
At nativity one woman feels pain mixed with joy while all men are joyous

Divinity and nature call every human and no human can miss this call
Answering this call marks the beginning of journey off to a known land
The land upon which man walketh has become his permanent home in the form of a cave called grave
Oh! Man
In helplessness and purity you came into the world
In helplessness and impurity you depart from the world

Who won’t die?

The wealthy will die, the poor will die
The healthy will die, the sick will die
The ruler will die, the follower will die
The educated will die, the uneducated will die

Who won’t die?

The young will die, the old will die
The beautiful will die, the ugly will die
The privileged will die, the unprivileged will die
The oppressor will die, the oppressed will die
The righteous will die, the unrighteous will die

When all will die,

Why kill a brother because of political powers?
Why kill a brother because of religious difference?
Why kill a brother because of a difference in tongues and culture?
Why kill a brother because of difference in skin pigmentation?

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