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By Ibidunni Thaabitah 

In times past, there lived a principled man who was firm with his values. Most people believed he was unnecessarily high-minded, hence, shunned him. He decided to soft-pedal his principles when he reached old age so he could gain people’s love.

“Why die a loner?” he thought. He started with his principle of honesty. He had always believed that no legacy was so rich as honesty but he was then ready to sidestep that belief. “At some points in life, one needs to adopt dishonesty to gain fame and command respect,” he mused.

He started to abet wrongdoings and stopped being the public conscience. He knew those who were stealing from the treasury and those who were shortchanging in the market. He would lie to protect the sham mason and give false testimonies for those who needed it. This continued for a while.

On a fateful night, one of the stolen drums of fuel that were kept at his place caught fire. The thick billowing black smoke snuffed life out of him before he could escape. He paid with his life for his underhand dealings.

Honesty is a rare virtue which helps in living a peaceful and fulfilling life. 

Quoting a popular maxim;

Honesty is the best policy

An honest person will always find favour — be it from God or from the people around him. Refraining from all kinds of dishonest acts brings nothing but mercy, respect, and honour to the honest person.

For instance, a student who always strives not to compromise honesty no matter how critical and tempting the situation is and as such dedicates his time to studying and revising will subsequently graduate with the best grades and also gain respect and honour from people. This will not only increase the confidence but also push him to have a fulfilling life.

However, if one fails to realise that dishonesty is the root of all evil—thus, should be avoided by all means—then, one is bound to end up living a lonely and frustrating life. Similarly, one who aspires to be wealthy and to die leaving a dignifying legacy that is not ephemeral should live a life full of honesty and truthfulness. This, indeed, is true success. 

Furthermore, honesty helps in building connection with God. It is important to have a good relationship with God because he owns the key to prosperity, opulence, comfort, and all fortunes in life. This can be likened to a man who finds himself in a strange land and discovers that for him to survive, he needs to adapt to the ways of life of the inhabitants of the strange land. What do you think he will do? Of course, he will comply, if he cherishes his life and his well-being. Also, having a connection with God makes it easy for one to trust God in all happenings in one’s life. A student who has a strong connection with his creator and reads for an exam but found it hard to recollect what he read while in the examination hall would trust God to help him remember, as opposed to cheating.

While it is indisputable one might be tempted to do the wrong things at critical times in one’s life, it is safer to think about the devastating consequences of one’s wrong decisions than to focus on the temporary fulfilment derived from a dishonest act.

Honesty helps to build good and healthy relationships. In every moment in life, relationships are built, and its sustenance depends on the foundation of the relationship. Therefore, every individual should strive to build relationships on trust and honesty so as to have eternal and long-lasting happiness. It is very crucial for all couples to imbibe this unique trait so that their children who will later form part of the society will propagate and spread this good moral standard and as such contribute significantly to the development of society at large. This again, helps in living a fulfilling life.

In conclusion, honesty energises the mind and improves the standard of living. It also helps in living a successful and fulfilling life and above all, connects the creature with his creator. Every individual should inculcate the habit of living an honest life so as to have a tranquil and satisfying life.

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  1. Abdulazeez Adeyemi

    May the Almighty distance us from the deceptive whisper that keeps us under the myopic view of ‘moving with the world’

    This article is well and clearly articulated.

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