The Pains & No Gains of Procrastination


By Modupe Laja

There’s always time to do it later

You’ll recall this common saying, often used as an excuse, sometimes rightly justified while other times, no reason for its existence — Procrastination.

In light of your goal, procrastination serves as that bridge that takes you off course delaying you from achieving your goal.

What then can you do?

Remind yourself;

  • A lot depends on this
  • Tomorrow is not guaranteed but today sure is
  • I need to do this

When you are making plans such as starting an online course, working on a project, reading a book, fulfilling a work task, creating your portfolio, and you feel an itching to simply “forgerrit” and procrastinate, remind yourself of these highlighted texts above.

Now this isn’t to encourage you to overwhelm yourself to the point that you break your limit as it’s important to weigh your priorities and postpone tasks that are not urgent so you can be time-efficient. But if it’s truly important and urgent, don’t say later, do it.

Here are some consequences of procrastinating important tasks:

  • Goals are not achieved
  • Timelines are delayed
  • Clients/customers are disappointed
  • Free trials (for courses) are wasted
  • Tasks are piled up
  • Anxiety & frustration is slowly built up

Thankfully, you can avoid these negative results by;

  • Having an accountability partner
  • Using reminders on your phone
  • Constantly reminding yourself, “I can do it!”

And when it gets really tough on you, take that break. This doesn’t mean it’s game over. You’re just going to rest for a bit, re-energize, and get right back into it.

The game doesn’t end till the player quits. And you’re not a quitter, only a winner. You’ve just got to show the world what you’ve got. Always remember, say no to excuses, and simply just do it.

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