What No One Has Told You About Music


By Idris Oluwatobi

You have most probably heard the saying, “Music is a weapon.” If only people knew the power songs wield, maybe they’ll have preferences that match what they need. Music is a very effective tool for passing a message or an idea across, likewise telling a story.

I believe music should be listened to for several purposes. For example, I can decide to have songs that I listen to when I’m feeling angry, sad, happy, motivated, or feeling grateful. This article would cover some of those specific needs. First, let’s review points that can help you get the best out of a song.

How Do You Get the Ideas From a Song?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get the lyrics of that particular song. This is very important because it makes it impossible to miss what is being said in the song. It makes it easier to follow through as the song plays. It also helps to appreciate the song.
  1. Another thing to do is to pay attention to words or phrases that are in agreement with the title of the song. This will make it easier to relate with the message of the song. 
  1. Use a sound cancellation earphone. This helps to avoid distractions and bring out all the elements that make the song unique. When I say elements, I’m referring to melody, lyrics, storytelling, pitch, and instrumentals. 
  1. One last thing I would like to say is where you get your songs is very essential. Are you using a website or an app? You have to make sure the platform where you get your songs is legit whether you are downloading, streaming or buying. It is very good if the site can provide you with high-fidelity audio.

You may be wondering how something perceived as purely for entertainment purposes can also disseminate useful information. Well, that takes us to our next discussion.

Do songs convey helpful information?

Yes, they do. Below you’ll find some recommendations. I have added a bit of emphasis on why I think they’re helpful. 

  • Lesley by Dave Santan —This is a song that covers a story of an abusive relationship. It shows us how a lady suffers by being with someone that isn’t good for her. As a result, she entered into a stressed and depressed state which later on led to a coma after her boyfriend had assaulted her. The fascinating thing about this song is the time spent passing out this information through the song. The rapper spent 11 minutes. He was not only speaking out on the subject but also speaking to people out there who might be going through the same issue by encouraging them on how to overcome the situation. 
  • Let. go. my. hand by J. Cole — Here, J. Cole talks about his life while growing up on the streets, and reflects on how his youthful memories of pretending to keep a tough attitude could affect his relationship with his son. Further, he realized that one day his son would be grown to be his own man and make decisions. He also recalls his fight with Puff Daddy and how he was young thus not knowing better, but now he knows too much to pick up fights. He covered that line with some good advice saying “Ignorance is bliss.”

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