How They See Us: Teenagers Wish Greatly to be Understood


By Oluwademilade Peters

More often than not, between the ages 12 to 18, humans tend to want change. It might have been from notice the need for change across these years or maybe a sudden urge.

Both circumstances trigger the mind to act. With the hormonal changes happening within the body system, there’s a gush of behavioral and social changes. For once, we want something that’s entirely ours, something we can call our own, out of the influence of others.

Ever wondered why the older generation thinks this act is rebellious and uncalled for. But is it honestly rebellious when we only want to be understood? — the need to understand rules and laws better, especially the reasons why they are put in place.

Unlike the western world where changes are reviewed and positive, healthy ones are embraced, most African countries do not. We consider opinions from the younger generation to be rather unkempt and unappealing.

This takes us back to why there are so many old people in politics, holding power and ruling the affairs of people. Trust me, the younger generations contain the substance to become efficient leaders, rule a growing community and even lead a nation right.

We all agree that there will always be the bad eggs, those with corrupt minds and doubtful practices.

Teenagers shouldn’t allow their hormonal imbalance lead them into making deadly mistakes.

Be mindful of your adventurous minds and contain your desires.

The strength of teenagers lies in their ideas and creativity, thus, the reason to question certain things. Young minds should be given opportunities to explore the horizon of their ideas.

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