Short Story: CLUELESS


 By Udoh Blessing


It all happened so fast. “How did I get here? How do I explain this?” These questions puzzled my mind as I stood over the body of my best friend. Hands and face covered in blood and trembling at my feet, tears rolling down my face. No one would ever believe me. It had been three months since I got out of prison for burglary. We had everything all planned out. We were to break in and get out as though nothing had happened but little did we know that the house was already bugged. Before we could make our getaway, we were surrounded and taken into detention. I spent three years of my life there. It was hell.

  During my time there, my mom would always come visiting. I felt ashamed. I had put her through so much by being there. She did not deserve all the shame and humiliation I put her through. 

  I admit that I do not have the best track record, but the last thing I would ever do is take a life. Not to talk of taking the life of my best friend.

I had to get a hold of myself and handle the situation discreetly. Nobody had to know, that is if no one already knew.

How do you hide a body again? Shit! How was I supposed to know? It’s not like I’ve killed someone before.

 “God, please let this be a dream. Let it be that I’m being tricked by my subconscious and unaware of it,” I panicked. A sudden creaking sound from the floorboard brought me back from my thoughts. Perhaps someone else was here? Or worst still, could they have seen me do it?

“Hello! Is someone there?” I shouted.

There was no answer so I imagined it must have been in my head. Time passed by and I stood there still puzzled about what might have happened. Remembering that there was no time to waste, I quickly made my way to the toolshed a few metre from the house to get a shovel to bury the body. When I got back, the body was gone. It was almost as though I had imagined the whole thing. I checked again where I had left the body and there was nothing, no bloodstain. I had imagined the whole thing all along. But how could that be possible? Besides, my clothes were still covered in blood.

   I had to dispose of them very quickly. I got a plastic bag and put my shirt and shorts in it and buried it.

  I got home and washed off the blood from my hands and face as if nothing happened. I felt pain at the back of my head, it hurt badly.


  Frankie had always been impulsive and daring. One of the many things I loved about her was that she knew how to get what she wanted, she was so amazing. There were times I envied the life she had, she was as beautiful as a goddess. 

   Frankie had a boyfriend, Andrew. Andrew was everything I had wished for myself. He was exceptional in many ways, but he wasn’t mine. I hated Frankie. I felt like she somehow stole my life and was able to get away with it. I wanted it all. I wanted to be loved the same way Andrew loved Frankie and cared for and desired the same way. I wanted to be Frankie. But, I loved Frankie. She was the sister I never had and was grateful to have in a friend. She loved me in more ways than I had ever felt loved. I couldn’t do this to her, besides I’m not a killer. I had to snap out of it.

  A few week after I had that thought, I found myself laying next to Frankie’s body, my hands covered in blood. Could I have killed Frankie? It seemed I did, but how? A few minute passed and I got a call asking me if I had seen Frankie. “I can’t find her anywhere, her closet has been cleared out. Did she tell you anything?” What was Andrew talking about? “closet cleared out?” How could that be? First, her body went missing and now her closet had been cleared out? Something didn’t add up.

    Months into her disappearance, Andrew had been called in for questioning. Police got reports from her neighbours about some suspicious activities they observed before her disappearance. A man in a black hoodie lurking around Frankie’s apartment whenever she was away, and the explosive fights they always had each time Andrew came visiting. This was solid proof that Andrew could be the one responsible, but how did that explain my waking up next to my best friend’s body covered in blood?

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