Six Top K-drama to keep you company this May


By Modupe Laja

With different genres, you can find the Korean series of your liking from romantic comedies to historical drama and even some fantasy drama featuring ghosts, gods or zombies.  

Look no further as you scroll down to find your pick for the weekend;

Liberation Notes 

(Romantic Drama with a slow buildup)

This drama tells a relatable story of three unique siblings and a stranger with unsettling charm. It will get you thinking deeply in some episodes, and with time cheering on the characters. The drama airs on Saturdays and Sundays (also out on Netflix).

Love All Play 

(Romantic-Comedy focused on the Badminton sport)

This tells the story of badminton athletes. When you’ve got an unfortunate accident, terrible gossip, and love in the air; it’s a drama you don’t want to miss. Airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sh**ting Stars 

(Romantic-Comedy focused on the lives of celebrities)

This drama explores the lives of celebrities and the employees in management companies that take care of these celebrities. The drama started off to a rough start with the first two episodes facing racism claims due to a generalization of Africa as a country and the associated poverty image. Going forward, it does have funny and romantic scenes which make it worth the watch. Airs on Fridays and Saturdays.


(Fantasy with a bit of mystery that focuses on suicidal cases)

Looking for a story about grim reapers who save lives? If yes, then give this a shot. It touches on relatable situations involving depression, bullying, guilt, eating disorders, and most of all the death of a loved one. Airs on Fridays and Saturdays (also out on Netflix).

Bloody Heart 

(Historical Romantic Drama focused on politics)

If you thought the king was the most powerful man, think again. This follows the story of a king who wants to escape the demands of a very powerful minister in the land. He’s even willing to give up love to achieve his goal. His goal is being the most powerful. Will he achieve it or not? Find out every Monday and Tuesday.

Sound of Magic 

(Musical Fantasy Drama)

Do you love watching musicals? Or maybe you like watching series about magic (Annara Sumanara)? Then this 6-episode drama would take you on a journey into the lives of teenagers who meet an extraordinary magician. Catch all the episodes anytime on Netflix.

Looking for where to watch these amazing Korean drama series? Check out MyDramaOppa, Dramacool, or Dramaday (download subtitles, if needed, from Subscene). 

Make your weekend complete by starting a new Korean Drama!

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