Love as a Tripod


By Abdulrasaq Abdulkhaliq

A lot of souls have drowned deep down the ocean of relationships yet the relationship lacks love. Although trust has always been known as the backbone of a relationship, there are more virtues required by both parties to withhold any destructive storm that can attack the relationship.

Amazingly, these virtues are just three and if the three traits are present in both parties, they are in an ideal relationship already. If one is absent in each of the participants of the relationship, it can still be called a relationship, though, it’s dangerous to the stability of the relationship. This implies that there is a great possibility of disappointment from either of the lovers. 


The most prevalent part of three needed traits among lovers these days is Passion. Nothing makes both lovers compassionate with each other than physical attraction and sexual consummation. The satisfaction derived from the sight of your partner can give you an impression of how long the relationship can stay.

Sexual consummation is not necessary for maintaining the stability of your relationship but sexual satisfaction does a lot.

Man is created that he tends to stay only in his comfort zone. As sexual satisfaction is needed to generate comfort in the togetherness of romantic partners, the satisfaction must be felt between the partners for the relationship to exist eternally. 


Relationships can still last longer than we can imagine even if sexual satisfaction is not fulfilled. This makes it clear that something will surely have to bridge the gap of the dissatisfaction. That’s the next trait, Commitment.

Commitment is like the pivotal structure of a relationship, if commitment decreases, the stability of the relationship is shaking. What’s commitment in maintaining the stability of a relationship?

Commitment is just the determination of one or both lovers to continue the relationship irrespective of what comes up in the future. The willingness of lovers to stay in a relationship regardless of thorns that may be present through the journey of love. Commitment is what makes lovers endure the difficulty experienced in the relationship.

For love to reign in any relationship, both lovers should believe that fate has brought them together and each destiny has been infused into the other. Many ladies leave their man in time of trials, not because of anything but because their relationship lacks commitment.

A lot of breakups have been reported because people always think their partner is committed as they are, so much the reason most people got disappointed when they receive a break-up message. Commitment is not only the pivotal structure of a relationship but the driving force of any relationship even friendship. 


Intimacy is the last trait needed in a relationship. For a relationship with a strong foundation, the lovers should know about everything about each other. Communication between the two should be spontaneous and partners should tell each other nothing but the truth about themselves. Ladies should know that every good man is less capable to cheat on them if he had been introduced to their family. This is because a man of integrity will do everything to protect his dignity anywhere.

In conclusion, passion, intimacy and commitment are three important things for love to exist and continue between partners. If one is absent, the stability of the relationship is not secured, as the relationship may only be based on limerence and not love.

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