7 reasons why your next job requires creativity


By Modupe Laja

Do you still think you need to print out your Curriculum vitae (CV) and walk into an office to request for a job? Or still buy newspapers from vendors on the road looking for possible job openings?

The job market is currently saturated with so many young and not-so-young individuals looking for where to work and get paid.

Just imagine this, about 6.3 million people in dire need of a job, but very few job openings to cater to such a need. With this high demand and low supply, you probably know this, it’s so competitive to get a job.

However, the unique thing with job applications is that it can be found more commonly online.

With platforms like Linkedin Jobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed amongst others, found via other social media platforms, access to job openings is available to unemployed peeps.

Back to this large demand for work, it only begs the question, how can I stand out in my job application?

The answer is Be Creative!

Creativity is using your existing knowledge or finding new knowledge to come up with a solution. You might be wondering, what is this solution? Well, I am as curious as your potential employers. But I’ll take you through a starting point.

Think about your skills. It could be public speaking, marketing, video editing, social media management, teaching, graphic design, content or even copy writing. Think about how differently you can stand out from others.

Gain knowledge on your skill(s) of interest.

Check out Hubspot if you’re into marketing or social media management. If content writing or copy writing is your passion, then you’ll find great courses on Linkedln.

In short, look for online courses, webinars, or trainings that would give you the knowledge to stand out.

Start something. It’s important to know yourself. Sure, even better to improve your knowledge of concepts and phenomenon but it’s not enough.

Work on your portfolio — a list or platform with your past and current works.

Don’t wait till you get a job to prove you have writing skills, why not start a blog?

To keep this short, here’s why you should be creative in your job application:

  • It helps you to sell yourself to an employer
  • It shows off your hard skills e.g website development skills
  • It proves that you have soft skills e.g. critical thinking skills
  • It points out your strengths
  • It pushes you to think and act differently
  • It gives you that first impression you need to stand out

The seventh reason is the most important;

  • It can get you that dream job

Never lose hope, there are always possibilities if you just look for them.

Catherine Pulsifer

Got a lot of time and looking for a job? Don’t do it the old-fashioned way using a boring looking CV. Get Creative!

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