Tobi Amusan, Queen of the Tracks


By Ojo Adesuwa

It is the Commonwealth Games Season and unless you live under a rock, you must have heard the name ‘Tobi Amusan.’ The 25-year-old Nigerian has set and broken championship titles and defended her title at all levels this season.

Currently, she stands as Nigeria’s first world record holder in an athletics event. Tobi Amusan is not just a Nigerian champion, she also stands as a Commonwealth and World championship holder.

She began her season by not just emerging as the winner of the 2022 Diamond League event in Paris but also beating the 23-year-long record for Africa by Grace Alozie and setting the new record at 12.41secs for 100m hurdles women.

There was no stopping for Tobi Amusan at this point as she continues to break and set new records for Nigeria, Africa and the world.

During the semi-finals of the 2022 World’s Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, she set a new world record at 12.12 secs out-doing her past 12.41 secs record. Moving on to the finals, Tobi Amusan proved to the world that her victory in the semi-finals was not just by luck or chance. This champion successfully defended her title in the finals and went for the gold.

She continued her dominance in the Commonwealth games final at Alexander Stadium Birmingham by bringing another gold medal home for Nigeria winning the race in 12.30 secs.

Tobi Amusan was also a part of the 4-Woman team which included Favour Ofili, Rosemary Chukwuma and Nzubechi Grace Nwokocha for the Women’s 4x100m relay. The team brought home another moment of victory, clenching the gold prize with a new African record of 42.10s.

The journey of Tobi Amusan to victory, likewise, becoming a part of history has not been an easy walk in the path. Rather, it has enlightened Africans especially parents on the relevance of extracurricular activities such as sports. She also serves as an inspiration to millions of African children and coaches.

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