JMMGS old students assoc awards scholarships to 6 outstanding indigent students in Lagos


By Abdulafeez Olaitan

Jibril Martin Memorial Grammar School’s Old Students’ Association, Surulere, has awarded scholarships to six outstanding indigent students in Lagos.

A member of the planning committee, Mr Wahab Owokonwari, said the association was committed to rendering support in the area of continuous education to indigent students.

After refurbishing the school library, the 1975-1977 set took it upon itself to make the scholarship scheme its focus this year.

“This is the beginning of many good things to come. Initially, we planned to give awards to five students but when we heard of the case of the sixth person we decided to increase it to six,” said Mr Owokonwari.

The scholarship scheme, he said, is supposed to be only for a year. However, following consultations with members, the association decides that a year may just not be enough.

“We have succeeded in getting four members who have agreed to abduct four of these awardees. The association will pay the first year while the remaining years will be paid by these four members who abducted four of the awardees.”

The four members who promised to sponsor four of the indigent students are Wahab Owokonwari, Mrs Bunmi Wansin, Mr Mutiu Lawal, and Mr Alaba Sokoya.

Meanwhile, former Lagos State Commissioner of Home Affairs, Mr Oyinlomo Danmole, also pledged to support one indigent student from JSS one.

Danmole said he would encourage members of his alumni association to support the education of more indigent students in their alma mater.

“But I want a JSS1 student so that I can partake in the entire span because SS one and SS two students only have two or three years left,’’ he said.

The scholarship package amounts to over N100,000.

Students who benefitted scholarship packages include Abari Ameeda (JSS1), Alli Alimah (JSS1), Ayanda Fatia (JSS3) Taiwo Dorcas (SS1), Seiriki Fathia (SS1), and Attai Abigail (SS2).

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