Save Our Future; The Cry Of Pre-Medical Students by Femi Adeniji


“My name is Yinka Davies, I started nursing the ambition of becoming a doctor since I was twelve, I was told that I can achieve it with my determination and hardwork so I set to sail. I didn’t know what it will really cost until I wrote my first Jamb, though I passed the exam and went further to write the post jamb which I equally passed but unfortunately the cut off mark was out and I was three marks below what was required, water flowed through my eyes as it was dawn on me that I have to stay at home for another year, I took the courage and wrote another jamb and also the post jamb but it seems I made a mistake here, the school I chose do not specify their cut off mark, so all we could do is to wait for the admission list, at last the admission came but I was not offered medicine but another course, this led me into the state of bewilderment, many told me that I should go for it because it is still medical affiliated while some advised I forfeit it, wait a little longer and do what I would love to do. Well at last, I went for the latter and I was home for another year.

This happened again and again and this was how the brilliant head boy was home for four good years. The fifth year arrived, and after much effort and prayer I was offered the course of my choice; I was offered medicine at the University of Lagos, the house was filled with celebrations, it was testimony galore in church the following Sunday, one would have thought my matriculation was a convocation, and that was how I set on sail. I was feeling fulfilled, my mum is now referred to as “Iya doctor” meaning doctors mum, the journey was going smooth until there was a breach of agreement, requirement to further to college of medicine was change in the middle of the sea, I was told my 50:50:50 requirement is not valid and now am left at the mercies of my creator, my story touches the heart, to me this society is so unfair and the only thing that I can do now is to cry PLEASE SAVE MY FUTURE”.

The above illustration demonstrates the stories of most students who have been denied admission to the college of medicine, and while interviewing the affected students, one realizes that there are worst cases than this. One often wonder why people who should know better, who should be the custodian of social order and understand the laws of contract are the ones acting on the contrary and creating an image of an unjust society for our society.

For those that are still wondering what this is all about, let me take a moment to paint the picture of the injustice that has become a threat to the future of more than hundred students in the University of Lagos.

College of Medicine, UNILAG

For those admitted into college of medicine and pharmacy, you will be required to study at the main campus for a period of one session after which you will continue your study at the college of medicine, the requirement for this is to have fifty (50) percent in the physical sciences, fifty (50) percent in the biological sciences and fifty (50) percent in the chemical sciences. This was the requirement and this has been the practice and guidelines that was given to the students upon their admission. Everybody knows what they need to do to continue their study at the college of medicine.

The story however became dicey when they were informed by the Sub- Dean of the faculty of science three weeks to the second semester examination that the requirement of 50:50:50 will no longer be valid. Even as at this, it was reported that when the Sub- Dean told them about this development, she only told them that CGPA will be used but was not specific on the points that will be used.

For every reasonable and logical person, one would have thought that this new policy will not be applicable to those in the system since there was an initial policy and requirement that they have been working on. It turns out that for the student of medicine, when the list was pasted, only students above 4.11 was given admission to medicine while 3.5 and above was distributed to other courses and everyone below 3.5 are now at the mercies of their creators.

Of course, it will not be fair to rain blames on the management without listening to their part of the story and what necessitated and influenced their new policy, after all they are also human and parents too.

At last, there was a press release, according to it, it was not their fault, it was the fault of the professional bodies that regulates the medical courses, the quota was raised and at that point there is nothing the management could do.

Well, the management has said well, there excuses looks genuine however there are few questions that divulge some truths and justifies the justifications of the management as null and void. When was this new policy formulated? In December, certainly not, and if yes then the fault is from the regulatory bodies and if no, the fault is from the management. Whichever way, the fact remains the student are the innocent ones here and as such they should not be the one to bear the brunt of the faults of others.

We will like to remind our esteem management what they will always tell us, that the university is a shining light, and we are expecting them to demonstrate this. Let’s save our university’s image, lets save the future of our leaders of tomorrow, the valid agreement is the requirement of 50:50:50 and any other requirement adopted will lead to breach of agreement.

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