COMPSSA The DREAMTEAM: 100 days in office by Oluwakemisola Agoyi


February 21st, 2016 makes it 100 days in office of the DREAMTEAM 15/16 administration to serve COMPSSAites. Sometime last year, the students of College of Medicine, University of Lagos came out to vote for their leaders in accordance to the constitution, their thoughts, beliefs and hopes.

This voting process emerged the following set of people as the executives for the next 365 days of the tenure

  • Chukwu John Nnamdi aka Ceejay (600l MBBS student) as President
  • Akinloye Gabriel aka skilful (500L Physiotherapy student) as Vice President
  • Agbaje Ayo (400l MBBS student) as General Secretary
  • Adesanya Ayo (400L Physiotherapy student) as Assistant general secretary
  • Enogwe kelechi (400L Pharmacy student) as Financial secretary
  • Mercy Miracle Olorunfemi (400L Nursing student) as Treasurer
  • Udochukwu Emmanuel (400L Physiotherapy student) as PRO
  • Jerry Dim Nzekwe (400L MLS student) as Social Secretary
  • UCHENDU GEORGE (500L MBBS student) as Welfare Secretary
  • Hassan Azeez (500L MBBS student) as Sport Secretary

Although the COMPSSA 14/15 administration – Men @ Work wasn’t the best to write home about, having involved a lot of sagas and issues, the DREAMTEAM hopefully are living up to our dreams and expectations.

To mark the 100th day in office, the Team has a couple of programs lined up, which includes;

  1. On the 20th of February – general cleanup of the hostel by students. This is to sensitize & promote a cleaner hostel amongst us, students.
  2. On the 22nd of February – (Monday morning) provision and distribution of freshly COOKED INDOMIE NOODLES to all students and In the evening, a movie show in New Great Hall, CMUL alongside launching of our ‘MEDILAG SHIRT’

Achievements so far in the past 100 days are being alighted in categories:


  1. Robust and effective tutorials
  2. Completion of the reading room at the Plaza (initiated and commenced by Men@Work)
  3. Close interaction with all class representatives to know how to follow up on their academic needs
  4. Correction of school fees from #58,000 to #18,000


  1. Setting up a functional committee of “block reps” that have been able to identify issues in the blocks with a view to solving them.
  2. Pushing for the cutting of grasses in the hostels & clearing of the debris that has been at block 6 since 2013.
  3. Improved DSTV quality and increased number of stations from 4 to 6.
  4. FUMIGATION and deratization of hostels
  5. Washing of hostels water tanks, improving water supply by fixing damaged tanks and pumping machines in between blocks 2, 7 and 8 that have been moribund for 3years.
  6. Massive enlightenment, campaign and action on a cleaner school and hostel environment
  7. Repairs of damaged bathroom and laundry facilities
  8. Lightening up the hostel (bulbs on all floors).
  9. Refunding last year’s hostel payments to students with clearance issues.
  10. Effective price regulation and monitoring of goods and services provided for COMPSSAites
  11. Fixed a mirror at block 5 after many years, although the one at block 4 was removed.
  12. Renovation of COMPSSA Photocopy stand.


  1. The 1st ever DJ SOUND BLAST in any University in NIGERIA
  2. Introduction of monthly fitness classes for COMPSSAITES,
  3. COMPSSA FOOTBALL LEAGUE bigger and better


  1. World AIDS day was marked in MEDILAG with free screening and enlightenment,
  2. Clearing of the bureaucracy at Accidents and Emergency, to allow easier and faster medical attention for students.

Challenges and downsides faced by the administration include:

  • FINANCIAL SETBACK, which is limiting their functions and activities. Students are thereby urged to pay their association dues.
  • (Another downside is) (T)the long protocol (required) to get the schools approval on some plans and actions, this can be frustrating.

“We need the support of everyone. It’s not easy. Even if you will criticize, let it be constructive… thank you” – Welfare secretary, Uchendu George.

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