The Discrepit State Of The Main Library Toilet: Call For Change By Anonyuo Anselem Somtochukwu


If the number of times one reads in the main library ensures one graduates with a first-class, then I should be graduating with a 5.00 CGPA. Since 100 level, every semester, I visit the library more times than a faithful boyfriend visits his girlfriend. For the records, I am in 400 level now. Hence, I have been here long enough to write this.

The condition of the main library lavatory has gone from HUNDRED (although I met it at say 60 but I strongly believe it was at a 100 at some particular time) to ZERO (might soon start going negative). In clear terms, the lavatory has gone from bad to worst. For those that have not been ‘privileged’ to visit this very important place, allow me to take you on a short tour round it.

Firstly, start by moving toward the main library and don’t you dare enter the library because the toilets there are meant for staff as it is stated clearly on the toilet doors. The supposedly students’ toilet is a small house located somewhere between the Akintola Ojo Building (AKT) and the main library. There is always a river at the entrance of the male section of the toilet, you will probably need a boat to cross the river, which is a mixture of ‘you know what’, although some students prefer to go JESUS on the river as the tip toe across it without sinking. On getting inside ( thank God you made it), you will experience amnesia for a short time as you will fail to remember the colour of toilet sinks, urinary bowls and the floor tiles. This is normal because the current colour of these things now depends on how good your eyesight is. Some students see yellow, some see brown or black while some can’t even define the colour. Can you notice the rickety toilet doors and also some collapsed water cisterns?? At this point you should be on your way out because this place inspires no confidence at all. On your way out, you will notice a mirror on the wall and you might probably want to feel yourself from the mirror’s perspective but NO!!! the stench oozing from the toilets comes with a very high pressure that forces you out of the place and pushes you to the lagoon front to inhale a proper sea breeze after which you ask yourself, ‘how did I get here?

I strongly believe that every unit in this ‘prestigious Nigerian university of first choice’ has a group of persons in charge of it, and this group of persons ensures the proper management and maintenance of their units. Suffice to say that, either there are no group of persons in charge of the main library or this group of persons are exhibiting utmost unreliability and laxity. I wonder what impression visitors, who visits only the library for research purposes have about the University of Lagos after visiting the lavatory. The school authority should put measures in place for the maintenance, proper management and cleanliness of every structure in UNILAG.

However, a portion of the blame goes to the students who pass through the school but refuses to let the school pass through them. They go to their various houses and use toilets like homo-sapiens yet they use school toilets like animals. How can you use ease yourself without flushing? (There is a constant water supply, kudos to the school for that) plus how would you find the tiled floor more enticing than the urinary bowl. Let our conscience be the judge.

Finally, let all hands be on deck for the smooth running of this great institution. If we all carry out our duties diligently, I believe there will be less or no problem.


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