Do We Have A Pregnant Student? A Male Student Preferably by Ologundudu Ayodeji


It doesn’t seem we are learned in a great citadel of knowledge if at an hour like this we don’t have a pregnant student be it male or female whose pregnancy is overdue. Pregnancy to be delivered to anguish, pain, inconvenience, et. al but wouldn’t you be justified of such inconvenience knowing full well that your docility earned you a costly state of being.

I’m pained writing about the hostel issue which has brought excruciating feelings ad nauseam to students of the University of Lagos priding itself as the University of First Choice to prospective students but not so to returning students. No thanks to our “Union “who are not in unity with us perhaps disunited amongst themselves but rather prefers lame excuses on privileged channel which many a times is the Whatsapp. “Abeg, what is this whatsapp thing about, I use a small phone without a whatsapp functionality though I 2go, does that mean I am automatically deprived from ULSU’s disseminated information through that platform”.

UNILAG Students Union
UNILAG Students Union

May I ask, is the notice board usage obsolete? Why is our ULSU mute about this? I refuse to believe that our ULSU due has been converted to yams and each person is full with yam in his mouth thus needs time to chew before he talks: “Just like Mister Lai puts it rightly, you don’t talk while food is in your mouth”. I still trust the union in its entirety not to insult our sensibility of voting them in, at least not at an early stage as this. It’s been 7 weeks due since the hostels has been under “virtual” or maybe physical reconstruction, bed-bugs fumigation, bringing in of mattresses, etc.

I courteously appeal that all of these could be done when we have moved in to our hostel at least we’ve squatted with strangers enough, our luggage maltreated, our bodies unkempt, lectures missed for those of 8:00am, T-fare exhausted “N1000 each day for over 35days = N35,000”, more than hostel fee, unhealthiness due to lack of rest and sometimes starvation.

No pun intended, but we ask for a swift ballot process and also suggest that we could utilize the holidays for the ballot process and move in when the school resumes to afford the students easy mobility and avoid students getting hostel in his second semester. Truly and Truly, University of Lagos is the University of First Choice and also the nation’s pride. We could have this issue worse in other institutions.

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