We Will Shut Down The Main Library On Wednesday If… ULSU By Femi Adeniji


The University of Lagos Students’ Union has released a statement threatening to shut down the university’s main library by Wednesday, 16th of March 2016 if the management do not yield to their demand of upgrading the state of the library.

According to the statement, which was broadcasted through WhatsApp and other social media platform states that the union has been in consultation with the management on the issue for about two weeks, the statement reads:

“Greatest Erudite Akokites,

This message goes to all users of the main library.

The foremost reason for our sojourn in this great institution is to attain academic excellence.

The University’s library (albeit insufficient for the number of Erudite scholars in this community) is supposed to be a safe and comfortable haven to achieve this goal. This is however, not obtainable at the moment.

After careful consultation with the school management on the state of the library and the facilities therein, the management promised to come up with temporary solutions to the unbearable conditions.

These talks however started two week ago and our patience is waning.

We are therefore giving the school an ultimatum, that by Wednesday the 16th of March, 2016, if the library conditions aren’t considerably improved, the library will be shut to all users till our demands are attended to.

This isn’t a protest, this is a request to the school management to ensure we get sound education.


Yours in Scholarly activities,
Comrade Muhammed Olaniyan
President, ULSU
Jumai AF,

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