“Na wa ooo, for over a year now, University of Lagos had been in the lime light”

“Yes ooo, the School is just relying on past glory”

“Don’t say that again, past glory bawo?, I totally disagree?

“To identify you Alumnus of the School is very easy. You like hyping your School. How I wished Fmr. President Jonathan had effected the name change from Unilag to Maulag, then, you people would have kept mute”

“Shame to the devil, thank God we resisted the decision taken at a Beer Parlour”

“Hahaha, are you saying the former President do visit beer parlour, that is a little bit funny”

“It could be funny to you but how on earth will a sitting President just wake up and change the name of a School that is 50 years to honour a man who has nothing to do with the School”

“But let’s wait ooo, is it not the School that protested as a result of bed-bug in their hall of residence. Despite you peoples claim that you finished from School of first Choice”

“We all have access to speech but don’t forget the military saying which goes thus- I can guarantee your freedom of speech but I may not be able to guarantee what happens after making the speech”

“Serious palaver, alright but what happened to the girl who electric wire fell on and died?”

“Things happen, that is just unfortunate that it happens. Our prayers is that God will help us to stop the hand of evil”

“Ehn, but why did your Unilag refused to admit Students who merit admission into medicine after passing with the required grade in 100 level?’

“That is not anyone’s fault. Not even the senate of the University. The medical board had given a quota for admission and you won’t expect the school to over-admit and risk dis-accreditation”

“But now that the Court has ruled that the University maintain status quo pending the rule and determination by the competent court of Jurisdiction, what will the School now do?”

“Story for the god”

“Let me congratulate your School for the record breaking achievement of the boy who made 5.00CGPA, Ayodele Dada. I heard the House of representative hosted him since they have nothing to do on the floor of the house than to share money to each federal Constituency”

“Thank you for congratulating me. The boy has done all Akokites proud but we need to appreciate the House of Representatives since other tiers of Government ignored the outstanding feat of the boy including the Governor of his State, Buroda Ayodele Fayose who has no other business than smiting President Muhammadu Buhari”

“But wait oo, why did a Student of your Alma mater drink Sniper, Eniola Jacob, a 300 level Students of Microbiology, is he fighting with the record breaker ni or what do you actually  think is responsible?”

“That I don’t know, conflicting reports”

“But why do you think the parents of the boy decided to take laws into their hands by detaining the four Students from their Childs fellowship that came to commiserate with them on their son’s death”

“It will serve as deterrent to Students when their Parent sends them to School, they should face their Studies. They have no business going about the town greeting people up and down. If such is needed, the Dean of Students Affairs office will push for that”

“Can you remind me that your slogan again?”

“Unilag…School of first Choice, the nation’s pride”
Tosin Adesile teaches Mass Communication at the School of Part Time Studies and Diploma of the Moshood  Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, An Alumnus of the University of Lagos

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  1. Uzor Sidney Ugoala

    UNILAG is like a rotten piece of roasted meat coated with ketchup. I am a 500L medical student of this ‘delicacy’. The ketchup being the tag – “LAGOS”.

  2. hmmmmmmm…… truth is there is no school that is 100% okay in Nigeria my dear, everything is actually packaging. Aldo, i can’t but say that if you can survive in unilag, you can anywhere else.

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