THE BURNING BUSH By Anonyuo Anselem Somtochukwu


From the caption, one might be looking forward to reading an epic traditional story ( or another story that relates to the experience of Moses in the bible)or something of that nature. Well, maybe not.

I woke up this morning with an ‘unusual’ cough, unusual in the sense that it came out of the blue. I tried ruminating on the cause of this cause, however, I couldn’t think of any other thing than ‘the burning bush’
Fortunately and unfortunately for a homo-sapien like myself, I got a room at the topmost floor of Jaja hall (popularly known as penthouse). ‘Fortunately’ because here, one does not really need fan. In clear terms, one gets the freshest of air. ‘Unfortunately’ because this environment (penthouse environment) is a renowned abode of weed smokers. So in the next life, if your room happens to be on the topmost floor of Jaja hall, please accept my condolences in advance, as you might just be diagnosed with a lung cancer or something of that nature.

Although, I don’t smoke, I now regard myself as a passive smoker because the much smoke that seeps into my room every night from the weed these guys smoke is enough to get me to God’s position (call me the MOST HIGH). My friend inhaled this much smoke and was forced to ask me “GUY, DEM DEY BURN BUSH FOR HERE” (LOL). On a serious note, these gangs of smokers need to be sensitized on the effect of smoking on themselves and people around them.

We the Association of Penthouse Inhabitants (B wing especially) have tried everything in our capacity to talk these potheads into finding a new ground for their weed feast but to no avail. To this effect, we implore Jaja executives alongside the hall management to purge the hostel of smokers as they are not only doing harm to themselves but also to the innocent people around them.


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