UNILAG NAWA O: Two weeks Silence after Activities Shutdown by Femi Adeniji


“Guy, is two weeks now since the school was shutdown o”

“Are you serious? Time they run o, you mean we’ve spent two weeks at home fast fast”

“See you! Sit down there, today is Friday na”

“Oga o, how time flies ”

“The whole thing still looks like a dream to me”

“Do you just say like a dream? You that was shouting ‘this is our school, why will they give us four hours notice to leave the hostel, do they know if we have transport fare, this people are heartless, as for me, am going nowhere no matter what’ only for me to see you packing your bags and encouraging me to do the same”

“Lol, you don’t know anything, you only call yourself a strong man until you get to war; what do you expect? When I received a text from Lag mobile threatening me with police, I have to gbera immediately”

“So you are afraid of the police”

“Eh! This our Nigerian hungry looking police officers, see the way they flooded our UNILAG as if they are going to sambisa forest, you’re now saying I should not fear them, I reject to be another Akintunde Ojo”

“Akintunde Ojo library?

“No, Akintunde Ojo toilet, nonsense question”

“No vex, which one is Akintunde Ojo own in this matter, who is he?

“He was shot at this our same UNILAG Gate by the police during the ‘Ali must go’ protest”

“Wow! Now I see, I never knew o, just knew we have Akintunde Ojo library abi na extension”

“Now you know and also know why I have to pack my bag and baggage after being threatened with the police”

“But come o, what if that mistake had occurred?”

“Which mistake?”

“Police deliberately or mistakenly shot a student”

“Yepa! God forbid, because that would have led to serious wahala, don’t let me tutor you on what happened in 2005 that led to the prescription of the union. What would have happened is unimaginable, VC gan go salo. You heard what happened at UNIPORT na?”

“Yes I heard that police killed two people or so”

“Thank God for UNILAG O, our students are peace oriented, the union also tried in making sure there was no confrontation with the police”

“Yes o for that one, I give them credit. What about that armour tank that forced our gate open, I heard the VC was inside it”

“So I heard too, but am not sure about it, its possibly a rumour”

“But this issue would not have gotten to this extent if the Vice Chancellor had addressed the students, what baffles the students is why he decided not to address them”

“Ha! I don’t blame him o, possibly because he did not want to be another Saburi Biobaku”

“Biobaku hall? or sorry what is it about him”

“God save you, but how come you don’t know history at all, he was stabbed by a student while he was addressing them (students)”

“Ha! that’s hard O, but our VC should know that we love him than to do that to him na, at least, he addressed us during Oluchi’s protest and he was duly protected or didn’t you see the security measures put in place by the union when they said he was coming to address us at staff school? He should have addressed the students.”

“Hehe! Address the students after he has been told that his life is in danger and that the students are planning against him”

“Haba, what are you saying? who is saying the students are planning against him?”

“Are you deaf? or didn’t you watch it on Channels TV when Dr. Ogbinaka said he told the VC that the gate the union want to remove is referring to the VC. If you are the VC and you are told such, will you come out to address any students talk less of protesting students?”

“That’s true O, it didn’t even occur to me, but why will Dr. Ogbinaka orchestrate such fallacy without clarifications, in fact he must be very”

“Shut up, you don’t abuse an elder”

“Elder my foot, in fact how come he became the acting DSA overnight”

“I don’t know O, but it seems they said the DSA himself was on leave”

“On leave? No wonder he was saying in the interview with punch newspaper that the students shut down the school for seven days, he also said that students were given till Saturday to vacate the hostels, thank God we have our Lagmobile text on our phones, in fact this people can..

“stop there, it is a taboo to call an elder a liar, we should not loose our sense of morals no matter what”

“Okay, I hear you, so is that what gave Dr. Ogbinaka the effrontery to say since things are better outside, we should be coming from home? I hope that’s just his own opinion and not that of the management because”

“Don’t worry, the management have our welfare at heart, they won’t do that”

“Okay O, so what’s the next step?

“Next step? Are u asking me, do I look like the VC or the president abi the speaker?

“Sorry, but have you heard any information regarding this whole thing”

“I heard they set up a panel”

“A panel?”

“Yes, or maybe it’s a committee, I sha know that they invited the union executives both the SEC and the SLC to a panel”

“So what’s the outcome?”

” I don’t know o, heard they will submit their recommendations to the senate”


“See me see Jamb question O, how will I know, is my father part of the senate?”

“Meeen, make them do fast o, no time to waste time”

“Are you telling me?”

” No, the VC”

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