ULSU Leaders Rusticated


The management of the University of Lagos have rusticated University of Lagos Students’ Union Leaders.

This development is coming after about 4 months since the last protest led by the union.

While some of the leaders have been rusticated for four (4) semesters, some have been rusticated for two (2) semesters.

As at the time of filing this report, some of the leaders have received their letters while others have been contacted by their departments

It should be noted that some of the ULSU leaders earlier took a legal approach but the case was adjourned to Oct 13 due to the judicial vacation.

It should be also recalled that the management of the University of Lagos have earlier suspended the activities of the Students’ Union after a protest by the students on April 6 and 7

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  1. If the sole reason for the suspension is the protest in April, then it’s a very disappointing action on the part of the management. We have the right to protest – a moral and legal right – if we feel that authorities are not making the best choices and taking the best decisions in the interest of the people, so long as the exercise is peaceful and free of actions of violence against our fellow man and public property. If we are to be punished for exercising this right, then I’m afraid for the students of UNILAG.

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