Check out extortion at Fagunwa Hall by Aishat Adebiyi


It is a fact that the country is recently going through economic recession characterized by the high price of goods and services which makes it audible to the deaf and clear to the blind. However, even at this period where students struggle to buy the needed commodity at this high price, some sellers have decided to extort us by selling them at a higher price, prices that is obviously not as a result of the economic recession but the greed and love of these sellers to make higher profit at the detriment of others.

This brings me to the case of a woman who sells provisions at New Hall, Fagunwa Hall of Residence to be precise. Her goods are way too high, she needs to cut it! Things that are being sold at lower rates outside would be sold more expensive in her shop. Is this supposed to be happening in a school environment? She mostly feels we don’t have any choice than to buy it. Does the school have provisions for this please? If they do, we need to see the step taken on this please. It really bothers me.

I can remember going there one evening, I told her husband I wanted to buy onion noodles, he said seventy (70) naira, the woman did not say anything until I started complaining, then she then told me it is sixty (60) naira. If I had not complained, the woman would not mind me buying it at that rate. This is so for most of her commodity. Students complain and cannot do anything about it. I use this medium to plead that the appropriate authorities call her to order.

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