“Inside every person you know, there is a person you don’t know.” You tell me you care and that you’ll always be there. Yet it feels like you never said so ’cause it doesn’t seem so.

How do I know what you really feel when you have built strong walls so high around you? You treat me like trash, like someone who’s got nobody. Yet all I do is “keep calm” and make myself give excuses for your actions.

You’re good at manipulating people, making them see/believe whatever you paint as the reason for the season. For how long will that last knowing that those are just one of your excuses to justify your wanting to be alone. Maybe you are very comfortable with people patting your back, deceiving you pending when they’ll get what they need from you but I’m just not cut out for that, ’cause I’ve got conscience inside of me.

You’re now feeling like a super person because no one seems to be able to sit you and talk to you. I try several times to talk to you, make you see that I care and want to be there. But maybe you feel I don’t have much to offer; don’t know what’s up or I am just not good enough for you.

You have challenges! Yes you have issues but I often ask myself, who doesn’t? We are excellent at pressing the mute button. You should know that “so many problems and challenges will be solved if we talked to each other about it than talk about each other.” You literarily walked away but stayed around the corner, hoping that would make me believe you’re still around, so you can still get help when you need one. I’ll always be there, it’s what I’m excellent at…

Why are you doing this to yourself? You pretty much need help, then admit it. Urgent matters require urgent attention.

You say I don’t care but the question I’ve not been able to stop asking myself is “what did you do about the times I cared?” How have you dealt with our differences and misconceptions? Rather you allow yourself to presume and assume and be consumed by unconfirmed feelings. Have you ever taken time, just once to question silence?

” You can’t quote silence.” You know why? Because you need someone to open up before you know how deeply hurt you have made them feel. Your actions and ways you go about things have sent a whole lot of signals than it actually depicts.

I could go on and on but I’ve come to realise that it gets to a point that even words fail you at the point of expression.

My feelings are really deep and so deeper words are required to express them. I am not a perfect human and I believe you are not as well but we can live right irrespective of our differences and beliefs.

Why am I writing this? What brought this? Oh! Where did all this come from? Really, I can’t explain this, I just knew I wrote. What if someone out there feels this way or is even feeling this way?

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  1. Akinjole Janet Omoremi

    This is so deep!… are such a great writer……this so applies to me on a low and reading your write up just makes me think things through…..I hope you get more wisdom….and I have no doubt you’d rule the world someday….Goodluck!

  2. Hmmm….dha sum deep reflection and so true ,majority of dis misunderstandings could and can be avoided by communicating,we should learn to express our displeasure instead of kipin mute …kudos to the author …am sure dis applies to so many people ….

  3. Deep….the more deep you go, the more you going to write..continue writing from the deep dear because that’s the source of every great story in the world today

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