THE HUMBLE PIECE OF PAPER by Esther Okekwuo – REHTSE Thinks Out



On that fateful day, I went out of the enclosed system to receive lessons from Mother Nature. The air blew gracefully and the waters ran through peacefully. It was the most interesting moments I ever had. I was interrupted by some quiet noise and so I took a neck turn to the left.

I saw a ‘guy’ in a white long sleeves shirt and black trousers. He squatted under a tree with a piece of a small white humble paper in his hands. He wrapped it up, stuck out a lighter and lit it. This humble paper got burning.

He talked to himself, shook his fingers and vehemently closed his ears, looked up and down and made me wonder if he was normal.

Still on the wondering plain, another comes besides him, takes the same position, puffs up some smoke, nods his head in affirmation and takes a long look at his neighbour.

Another not too far from them, a group of about 7 ‘guys’ formed a circle, one with dreadlock hair and another with bursted ears. One narrates an experience to his group. They all nod, laugh, yell and shake their heads, of course with the small humble piece of paper passed amongst them. They create a big smoke rising from within them.

And just beside my left is a pair narrating the events of last night and the plans for this night. With no humble piece of paper seen, they chuckle and mutter some words creating some atmosphere only they themselves can define.

Just in front of me is another pair who claims to themselves seriousness with so many humble pieces of paper scattered on the green grass. They paint a picture of real academics but their silent talks and laughter with these pieces of paper now fully closed makes me wonder.

And just under the tree by my right are a couple of serious “fellas” with the humble pieces of paper widely open, recommended glasses, flipping this humble piece of paper to and fro the pages. No talking, no laughing, just bended.

Oh! Mother nature taught me the lessons to learn. From a big tree the paper is gotten. The purpose of this paper can only be determined by you. Yes you, the user of the paper.

To light up and burn, to tear up and write, to sit down and paint …… Whatever!  You have got a choice to make.

The waters before me spoke in the most unique voice ever. They swiftly flow forming a reflection of the sun’s rays. They glitter. But the waters behind me said no words. They went round as in a circle carrying dead and fallen leaves with them which would soon decay and settle beneath.

What kind of a humble paper are you? Remember, you make the choice.

REHTSE Thinks out


Okekwuo Esther is a final year student of Biology and Education at the prestigious University of First Choice and Nation’s Pride (Unilag). Esther loves nature, environment, life and art, all of which inspires most of her writings as she keeps wondering and is always amazed by them. She is currently working on a research on the relationship between Biology and Art titled REHTSE Thinks Out. She can be reached via:, 08145645294

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