Just few weeks after inauguration, The Faculty of Education student Association (NUESA) parliament has suspended Hassan Surajudeen-the President of Arts and Social Sciences Education Students Association (ASSESA) for allegedly disrespecting the house .

The ASSESA president was said to have walked out of the house without bowing to the maze at a previous sitting and have also refused to honour other invitations to the house thereafter.

According to the resolution of the NUESA house as contained in a broadcast message on whatsapp platform, signed by the speaker – Adewale Onagbesan and clerk – Anigbogu Chidinma of the house, it was stated that the ASSESA president was suspended indefinitely for “walking out on the house without a show of respect (taking a bow) to the symbol of authority (The Mace), failed to tender a letter of apology as at when stated (Monday, 27th march, 2017), not responding to the summon of the House at the sitting scheduled for Friday, 24th March, 2017 (4pm) without any notification to the house, failed to re-appear before the House at special sitting scheduled for Tuesday, 28th March, 2017 (4pm) without prior notification to the House”.

The resolution also states that the vice president- Com. Abdullahi Tijani should act in his place as  President.




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