Unconditional is with no condition at all by Ibikunle Abigael



When you said you were going to be there for her, did you really mean it? Or were you just talking based on the euphoria you felt for her at that time?

I suppose you forgot that being there weighs a lot more than it sounds. You tried initially; you guys were always talking, gisting and spending time together. In fact you spent for her and she reciprocated. The two of you got fond of each other and to you it seems normal since it was a form of friendSHIP. So many things were running through her head and your thoughts were mostly centered around her. The company seemed so nice that the both of you always wanted to sit and talk because there was always something to talk about.

What were you both thinking? Are you not just friends?

You seemed to be enjoying the flow both of you were in but she seemed so disturbed about it, not because she did not think it was nice but because she could not really describe what sort of SHIP you both were anymore. She was trying to communicate but you were not able to decode. Eventually, she spoke out. She started by telling you she loved the way things were going between the two of you but that the company was insinuating beyond the SHIP it was. She only asked that the SHIP be defined but little did she know that the entire SHIP would be redefined and that close friendSHIP would turn distant friendSHIP, poor girl.

But really, of what significance is a SHIP that does not have a prefix. One person was enjoying the flow of things while the other person wanted clarity. Little did the poor girl know that she had unconsciously quenched the fire of euphoria in the “Bobo” the evening she demanded for definition and concept. Bobo became unconsciously far but still checked on “Sisi” once in a while.

I thought he said he would not deliberately harm her. At some point in their SHIP, he said he was beginning to love her. if that was true, does that mean he stopped loving her immediately? (Question for the gods).

However, her decision was one in a million because it gave her a clue to the kind of person “Bobo” was. “Bobo” is not a bad guy but he just could not be unconditional.


So here is what concerns you after reading this!

What is your definition of unconditional? You are in a SHIP that is not properly defined? Stop sailing an assumed SHIP. Before you assume, ensure you affirm. It does not cost you anything. You will be sure to save yourself a whole lot emotionally.

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  1. Nice one, creatively put together by a word craft genius Oluwatobi Ibikunle.


  2. Nice piece up there! Very inspiring
    Keep it up! The sky is just your starting point ….

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