About a week after the suspension of Hassan Surajudeen –the President of Arts and Social Sciences Education Students Association (ASSESA), the faculty executives have reacted, condemning the faculty’s parliament as arbitrary and antagonistic in its operation.

The Faculty of Education Executives Council (FEEC) who released a statement yesterday made available through  broadcast message condemned the operation of the house and rejects its decision in suspending their colleague stating that the suspension is “unconstitutional and unprocedurer.”

Stating from the provisions of the constitution, the executives stressed that due procedure was not followed in reaching a resolution of disciplinary action against the suspended president, the executives further maintained that the purpose for the parliamentary sitting at which the Assesa President was suspended was not meant for a special(disciplinary) purpose as specified by the constitution;

“According to the Article IV, Section IV, S.S: 6,pg36(also quoted by the house), The Constitution says:” The Parliament shall have the power to discipline, suspend or remove any members of the cabinet subject to the provisions of the Constitution” . To the best of our knowledge, the only provisions the Constitution has for the disciplining of cabinet members is provided in Article III, Section VI

S.S1 which says: “A motion for the removal is supported by at least 2/3) of the members of the House voting at a SPECIAL SESSION where at least half of the total membership of the house forms a quorum……….

S.S2: A notice in WRITING ,signed by not less than 1/4 of all members of the house or *750*members of the General Assembly.”

The executives further accused the parliament of witch-hunting and abuse of power, an act they stated will not be tolerated.

You will recall that the education parliament had suspended Hassan Surajudeen-the President of Arts and Social Sciences Education Students Association (ASSESA) for allegedly disrespecting the house by not bowing to the maze and not honouring other invitations to the house.

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