When you made the intention to be her friend known to her and she agreed, did you think that was all? Did you already conclude in your heart that she is your “bae”?

Let me remind you that she only said she will be your friend because that was what you asked her to be and nothing more. You must have forgotten that friendship is solely different from courtship. You call her every time and she responds very well, you share almost everything about you with her and she only tells you what she feels you should know, although you want to know about everything and everywhere she goes. You introduce her to everyone and trust me they will even think for you.  You are so free with her that you have gotten so fond of her and she appears free with you but my dear she only sees you as a friend. You have already concluded within yourself that she is your “bae” because you just find her so qualified.. Sorry sir, All you are and will ever be to her is just a friend! O ma se oo( what a pity!)

What has gotten over you? Was it not friend you asked her to be? Why are you so walked up over her? Perhaps you should answer this question; what does friendship mean to you? If you are in love with her, why not tell her and confirm if she feels the same way about you rather than wallowing in unrequited love. What if she does not even know you love her? What if she sees you as a brother? #brother zone or what if she just sees you as being nice? Pele oo Mr. Nice, what a beautiful description! Believe me, she will definitely tell her friends about you and how nice you are. Hope you are consoled with that.

Bobo, you will never know how emotional you can be until the day she introduces you to another male friend who is the real man in charge, the soon to be husband and you see the chemistry between them. Then and there, you will be seeing planet Pluto while standing on planet earth, the reality of what Adekunle gold described as “friendzone” in his music will then dawn on you, at that point, you will find yourself in the “Confusurprised” realm and the only thing you will be hearing yourself say is well done bro, am good bro. See confusion! And gradually, it will become too late to profess your love to this young lady. Please change that SHIP asap. Yes it could be friendship at first but the moment you realise you want more, then please ask for a change of SHIP. Even if she loves you and it is obvious, don’t let that be a base for you to assume the SHIP will change automatically because the same way you will say that her loving you means you are in a relationship is the same way she will say you never asked her out. Who will be sorry by then?

Just like you do not know her intentions,she doesn’t know yours too. If you don’t profess your love and change the prefix of the SHIP, how will she accept and stick to it? Don’t assume the prefix will change, you need to change it.



So here’s the point,

Yes every good SHIP should first have the prefix Friend. It is not a crime to want more. It becomes one when you know you want more and you fail to change the prefix to what you want. So get down from the wrong SHIP and get on the right one. Change the PREFIX!.


Abigael Ibikunle is a lover of people and life.. Anything and everything can trigger her writing. She is a passionate Teacher, enjoys Public Speaking and Writing is her sense of expression. She can be reached via: 08080097911,

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    Guys, let’s learn to express our feeling, at the due and proper time-the appointed time.

  2. So true… just exactly the way it happens. It’s a reflection of contemporary happenings.

  3. What a great write up.
    I believe in every relationship there should be set goals which must be well defined.

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