Unilag Press Club Commemorates World Press Freedom Day; FREEDOM OF THE PRESS- A NECESSITY


The Press Club, University of Lagos commemorates with Journalists around the world on this year occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the global celebration of the fundamental rights to freedom of expression, freedom of information, and press freedom.

As we commemorate this day, we want to join others, who are currently voicing out against the government of Turkey to condemn in totality the action of the government of turkey on the illegal detention of Journalists in the country. We demand for the immediate and unconditional release of these Journalists who were arrested for doing their Job.

The Nigerian state and its democracy are under threat due to the increase in the clampdown on our freedom of expression, and freedom of information. The victimization, arrest and illegal detention of Journalists, bloggers and citizen Journalists are a testimony to this. The latest index release by Journalist without borders is a shame on our national image, we therefore wishes to send a signal of warning to the political actors who are using their power against our rights.

To Nigerian Journalists, we salute your doggedness in assuring that true democracy thrives in the country, while we understands that there are too many challenges, we however want to implore us to continue carrying out our duties, without fear or favour and with all objectivity.

To campus Journalists in Nigeria, the circumstances in which we operate is dynamic, another world entirely, where everything that surrounds speaks against our freedom as Journalists, but we believe in the power of the voice and the power of the pen, since the campus is a microcosm of the society, the need to have a better society from our campuses cannot be overemphasized, it is on this note that  we encourage us all that with commitment, dedication, unity and adherence to the ethics of Journalism, we will all march to Victory.

We solidarise with other journalists around the world who are either in prison, incapacitated or under threat for during their Job, our prayers are with you. To the fallen heroes of Journalism, those who loss their lives in the cause of their duty, we remember you today; your good works still speaks.

To the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Nigerian guild of Editors (NGE), National Association of Campus Journalists (NUCJ), National Association of Nigeria Campus Editors (NANCE) and other organisations of Journalism in Nigeria, we commend how far we have come, there is more to be done and the Journey to our freedom destination begins now.

To all Journalists; Citizen Journalists and Campus Journalists inclusive, the theme for this year World Press Freedom Day “Critical Minds for Critical Times: Media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies” best describes the expectations from us and there is no better time to deliver than now.

God bless NANCE
God bless NUCJ
God bless NGE
God bless NUJ
God bless Nigeria


Femi Adeniji                                                                        Adedayo Adebiyi
President                                                                               General Secretary
The Press Club, UNILAG                                                   The Press Club, UNILAG

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