Don’t Give Up! By Abigael Ibikunle




What is the worst that can happen to you? You devote so much time into making something work and you expect so much in return but it didn’t come out as anticipated! Of course, I know how it feels, I mean I’ve been there before so believe me, I know how that feels.

Still, what do you do when going back isn’t possible? Yes, I know that if I have the opportunity of turning back time, I would gladly do that so I can just right some wrongs and fix a whole lot of things. But dear, do you also know that if you can look back at your past now and forget your pains, you can think about how to make your future brighter and free of the mistakes you once made? Most times the best way to learn is learning from your mistakes.

In the world of students, it is not unexpected that things like this happen but when you allow it to happen repeatedly because of the same reason, it is no longer a mistake but has become an habit. When you keep observing a trend of happenings in your life, the next thing to do is not to start blaming the witches in your father’s or mother’s house but to take a deep breath and try to fathom the reason why it’s happening. Results have started coming out and oh you’re expecting A and even B didn’t show but CEDEF or EFE or FED has to show and you’re boldly saying, he sat beside me in exam and I practically taught him, how come he had an A? Wait a minute! Did you say you taught him and he had an A while you had a D? What a fate! But then it means you know it truly. But my dear it doesn’t end in the place of knowing, and that’s why intelligence is different from smartness. There are different lecturers with different styles of operations, so you could have done yourself the favor of enquiring about your lecturers and their styles of operations.

That is why you have people ahead of you to meet, relate with and ask questions. Don’t be too rigid and assume you know it all, if you do you shouldn’t be in a learning environment in the first place. There is a huge difference between you knowing an answer and you knowing how to write the answer to your examiner’s taste. If not, why will you teach someone before exam and the person passes excellently than you? Without inquiry, there can’t be knowledge, without knowledge, there cannot be understanding and without understanding there cannot be application, so ask and do the needful!

So here’s the point,

I am aware that after any exam, students expect results and when the results start coming out, it brings along a whole lot of situations. It may seem as though it’s finished but another stage has to unfold! do not let your past result bother you so much that you feel like ending it, you feel like nothing matters anymore, but please let it challenge you to want to do more, to meet the right people and ask questions on how to improve and do it according to the examiner’s taste. You need to be conscious that there is a brighter side to life than the dull side you’re seeing. I’m not preaching because I don’t know what it feels like to experience when it is finished but because I know the pain it causes.


Abigael Ibikunle is a lover of people and life. Anything and everything can trigger her writing. She is a passionate Teacher, enjoys Public Speaking and Writing is her sense of expression. She can be reached via: 08080097911,

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