You Are Unique Just The Way You Are! By Ibikunle Abigael




Ever heard of the saying “Be yourself because nobody is better be to be you”? Nah, I don’t think so.
Have you ever wondered why every year you’re the first to make a list of things to do and call it your new year resolutions and after struggling with it barely two months into the year, you let it slide?
Have you ever wondered why as an individual you make up your mind, really determined to do something but couldn’t pull through till the end?
Have you ever wondered why despite all of your efforts on something, it does not yield as much result as anticipated?
Have you ever wondered why you try so hard to achieve something and someone just does it so conveniently?
Have you ever looked on the success of others so lostly that you shake your head for yourself? Smiles..
Have you ever worked so hard for something that you’re closed to getting what you merit and someone from nowhere just gets the spotlight?

Very Painful right??


Have you ever for once thought about the breath of life you have freely?
Have you ever appreciated the opportunity to even think?
Have you ever been happy about the little results compared to having none?
Have you ever been thoughtful about how well you’re good at trying when others can’t even try?
Have you ever been grateful for being better than some?
Have you for once realized that it is not of him that runs, not of him that wills but of Him that shows mercy?

Ah! Ah! Feeling Grateful right?
So here’s the point,
Until you understand that you are special and uniquely crafted, you cannot be grateful for what you have. What a pity! “Different strokes for different folks”. Will you just stop comparing yourself with others! You are unique just the way you are and you can do and achieve just about anything when you have the right mindset. The power to achieve anything comes from within and not from without. So look inward and figure out that special you, that you that will turn your world around. Thousands of people may look like you but only you have your fingerprint, no other person does! So stop whiling away people’s time, they are waiting for you to get at what you’re originally destined to do so that they can be blessed by and through you. You are Different, Special and You.

Abigael Ibikunle is a lover of people and life.. Anything and everything can trigger her writing. She is a passionate Teacher, enjoys Public Speaking and Writing is her sense of expression. She can be reached via: 08080097911,

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