May 29th is a day set aside to celebrate democracy in Nigeria, it originated from May 29th 1999, when the then military Head of State, General Abdulsalam Abubakar handed over to the democratic elected chief Olusegun Obasanjo. This year’s Democracy Day celebration has some interesting facts, which you should know.

  1. Nigeria Democracy is now an Adult: yes! This year democracy celebration makes our democracy eighteen (18) years of age, which means it has assumed adulthood, wow! That is quite an achievement, considering our severe diversity, and the ominous precedence of the democracy of the First and Second Republic which did not survive up to four(4) years.
  2. And our President is not in the Country: unfortunately, our president is not in the country to celebrate this year’s Democracy Day with us (sobs). Did someone just say first time in history? Anyway, he is on a medical leave to another country, a testimony to our rotten healthcare system, and by extension, all our institutions. The Vice President has temporarily taken over as the Acting President. Our prayers are with our President, we wish him speedy recovery.
  3. It Marks the Second Anniversary of Change; and that was how we voted for change two (2) years ago, after sixteen years rule of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we clamoured for change, and we voted change. This year’s Democracy Day celebrations mark the second year of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. Two years have passed since we voted change. Do you intend asking me if we have seen the change we voted for? Come on! The answer is relative.
  4. And the Military scared us: this year’s celebration witnessed a little threat weeks before, it was an alarm raised by the military chief on a probably planned military takeover by some khaki people. Military takeover? God forbid. We will not joke with our democracy.

At last, we are celebrating 18 years of uninterrupted democracy. Congratulations Nigeria, Happy Democracy Day.

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