POEM: SYNCHRONY, By Iruoma Osonwa


Sitting on the balcony placed high above
Clad in my sweater as my body responds to the drops of rain
With my headset tightly fixed placed on my ear, no music playing though
Like a koala bear hugging a tree with reckless abandon again.

I’m listening to a melody in nature
The rain drops make their way to the ground
I nod in agreement with each blob as puddles form
The crystal clear mass of goodness which may not be the norm.

Oh! The synchrony of the display I see
The trees in beautiful surrender of the winds
The birds chirping to one another in glee
The soil; the mouth it opens, gulping the drops.


Behold the zig-zag electrifying bolt rolling
I can’t seem to shake it off my “sulci” and “gyri”
Such a memory it’s turning out to be
Majesty coursing through the clouds – I see.

Pitter-patter on the floor
The lyrics seem to fade
I inhale the petrichor
As the end, I can’t evade.

The rain drops dancing with all met
Dazed by this tango, I write
I see all may be cold and wet
Yet my heart’s been warmed, no fright.

There seems to be this beauty etched
Even within the most usual things
We may not have at all esteemed
But nonetheless they have priceless lessons.



Iruoma Osonwa is a year 3 medical student of the University of Lagos. She has soon realized that beyond the certificate is the need for service. An outgoing introvert, Iruoma loves writing on anything that catches her fancy and the idea of capturing moments with words intrigues her. She can be reached via, iruomaosonwa@gmail.com


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