Abigael Ibikunle, a final year student of Mathematics Education in the University of Lagos has not only distinguished herself as a worthy member of the Press Club Unilag by getting to the height of currently serving as the welfare secretary, but has also sent a message to those who cares to listen that you can not be limited by what you study. With the right approach, diligence and commitment, you can achieve all your aspirations. Abigael has recently won the second place position in the National Art and Essay competition organized by United Nations (UN) Development Programme. Hence, we present her as the Press Icon of the week.




DOB: 07/06/1993


Best Food: NIL


Best colour: PINK


What are your interests and inspiration ?

Ans: Writing, Public speaking, Teaching and Nature.
Why The Press Club, UNILAG?

Ans: The press club gives a platform for expression of ideas, gives opportunity to explore in the field of journalism and develops writing and oratory skills.


Apart for TPC, UNILAG what else?
Ans: Teaching


Most memorable or fulfilled moment in school?
Ans: When I went to the beach with my roommates turned family.. Beach was fun and hanging out with Victoria, Janet, Modupe and Sarah was more fun…. trust me those girls are like my sisters.

Most embarrassing moment in school?
Ans: Nil


Relationship status
Ans: Single


Press Crush

Ans: Hmmmm! Sighs! Nil


Celebrity Crush
Ans: Myself(smiles)




Philosophy of Life

Ans: You are unique just the way you are so believe in yourself!


What do you think of the Press Club?
Ans: The Press Club Unilag is the right place to be for aspiring journalists and writers.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Ans: In my husband’s house, with my kid(smiles), well known by all for what I do(educating and imparting young minds through my writing and public speaking and of course teaching)


Tell us something nobody knows about you
Ans: I am shy….


A piece of advice…
Ans: Life is very simple when we know what we want and how to get it.
Life is very interesting when we are surrounded by the right people.
Life is easy when we can differentiate our needs from our wants.
Life is beautiful when we learn to appreciate ourselves.
Life is sweet when we understand the importance of one another.
Life is full of opportunities when we look around and within.
So live right and live well for there’s more to life when we look inward and around.


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  1. Olagunju joseph Oluwatobi

    I think the press club is a unique platform,not just sharing meaning ideas and expression
    It’s a mean for social development and a fulfillment.infact its worth joining,cos I love ❤ expressing my opinions on issues.

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