Meet Osonwa Iruoma, a 300 Level student of Medicine & Surgery, University of Lagos. A member of The Press Club, UNILAG, Iruoma has a unique way of describing herself as an outgoing introvert. Reading her write-ups, her style of writing and her combination of words and the way she presents her stories will leave you to imaginations in clarity, if you are not a lover of poems, it just means you have not been opportune to read her poems, Iruoma is a poet per excellence, her story published on in the previous week  titled “the Tale of the First” was adjudged to be the best entry of that week, hence we present her as the Press Icon of the Week.



I’m Osonwa Iruoma. Most of my friends call me Irus.



Dept and Level

Medicine and Surgery.  300 level


Best Food

Pounded yam and ohah soup. But occasionally yamaritta and sauce would do.

Best color

Lemon green

What are your interests and inspiration ?

Ans: I love reading books, meeting people, writing , talking, the violin, babies,new methods of cooking, and helping in any way I can. My inspiration could be from nature, interactions with people and my family as well

Why The Press Club,  UNILAG?

Ans: I never even knew a prestigious club like this exists in UNILAG. I heard about it from the beautiful VP Kemi and realized what a beautiful platform it is to express writing skills and even learn more.


Apart for TPC,  UNILAG what else?

Ans: A student with dreams! Orators Gavel club and SCOEPA (a standing committee on Environmental Policies and Activities of our Nigerian  Medical Students Association). I love volunteering for our departmental social activities as well.

Most memorable or fulfilled moment in school?

Ans: Yet to come I suppose

Most embarrassing moment in school?

Ans: Probably going for a dinner in casual clothes. PS: it wasn’t exactly my fault*winks*

Relationship status

Ans: Single

Press Crush

Ans: None


Celebrity Crush

Ans: Bollywood actor Salman Khan (he may be getting old, but it don’t matter)

Philosophy of Life

Ans: Lol, none really. For me basically; as long as God’s with me, I’m alright

What  do you think of the Press Club?

Ans: It’s a beautiful and enlightening club and the executives I have come in contact with are so homely.


When do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans: Done with school living my dreams one day at a time

Tell us something nobody knows about you

Ans: I’m really(emphasis on the really) conservative. It takes a lot of effort to make me come out sometimes.

A piece of advice

Ans: Be humble enough to learn from others.

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  1. umeh ugochukwu Nicodemus

    Waooh, my doctor. Am not too surprise rather am anticipating more for I know the stuff you are made of. Glory be to God and congratulations to u. More Grace

  2. hmmmmmm. cool
    But what baffles me is the fact that none of the press icon of the week has ever shown interest in any of the press members…. that’s not encouraging enough, you guys should work on that and start crushing on co-pen pushers… #lol#
    God Bless UNILAG PRESS.

  3. Iruoma Osonwa I’m so proud of you older sister you make me soo soo proud keep moving higher girl I’ve got your back😘😘😘👍👍👏👏

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