I’ve lost it all,

but for a fragment of my soul.

I’m constantly tied around my neck;

Like a little boys pair of glasses…

Both of us seeking sight;

Him to see his way,

Me to find my way.

As I’ve been so lost…

And losing doesn’t quite cut it – The little fragment of my soul.


… Kept in a glass vial,

One tap, and it breaks;

Letting out all the innocence…

In memories of when I was whole.

Out to fly… Little doves they are;

Eager to leave their confinement.

If they all leave; I bet fear would stay.


For there’s no home better for fear… than the man with everything so dear and no room for tears.

A man so scared of breaking,

He refuses to stand and so sits instead.

With his arms folded around himself,

His mothers cradle long broken…

But still houses him in its dreams.


So when my hymen breaks,

Letting out all that it holds back…

Would it be a flood of shame

Or that of pain?

So, I keep it… Like it couldn’t lose it.


Such a big part;

In a small vial.


I keep it a reminder,

Of what love could cost.

And what life should be,

I keep it, as a reminder of a past.

A past I look forward to finding somewhere in the future,

A future I see so clearly…

But still hope to find a lining-


Even bronze.

Anything, but the giant fall into the abyss of nothingness.


So please wave to me.

And if I dare to hope;

send a smile my way –

To encourage me,

As I walk past you.


Backs crouched like a wounded Tarzan.

Head bent; paranoid as I am.

Eyes darting back and forth to find the soul snatcher…


Send a smile my way,

To remind me what life is worth…

Because I might just give it away…

To keep my glass vial.



I am Sekinat Adejumobi, a 400level medical student at the College of Medicine University of Lagos.  I live one day at a time. I like to think I’m on a road to self discovery.  My perfect date is with a good book though I’ll read almost anything.

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  1. Wow,provocative piece but it seems I stared at the glass vial too much and and stared into abeyance, I’m lost…I would be pleased to get a critique of the poem while I appeal to the editorial team to avail us the poem background from the author’s perspective for a richer experience.

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