RAIN, By Adedayo Adebiyi



It was a raining Sunday morning, the sound of the rain on the corrugated iron roof of the girls dormitory woke me from my sleep, well.. it was first the smell before it started, then the sound of the wind as it commanded the trees and it swishes to its command .The sound of the rain on Sunday morning brings so much joy to me, apart from the fact that the activity for that morning was automatically cancelled, the rain had a way of changing the environment – it just made it look so much beautiful and cleaner, it made the vegetation around the trees and the air itself so clear and fresh, the quality of the air could be felt, it made the forest in which we resided more beautiful.

it’s like the birds came out to rejoice for the shower like, they were grateful for the washing of their apartments and then the ground, oh that rough ground! It just makes the mixture of the clay and the gravels more natural. it’s  like the bathing of nature till it sparkles clean and the true intention of God for the environment comes out so clear. The way the rain touches the tarred road and flows down the hills, the beautiful hilltop which my school is situated is a sight to behold ,the way it sweeps the leaves of the almond trees that managed to escape been swept of the ground,  full of gravels most likely because they fell after the bell for assembly was rang,  is like the rain assisting us in rounding up the moist lot of leaves and the grass ,it couldn’t be any greener after the rain.then, I rise! I rise to the view of the rainbow, the promise of non destruction by rain but the beauty of the element.

When it rains like that particularly on Sunday mornings, it just makes me happy! Probably because the activity of that morning can be avoided because it’s not a school day, giving me the opportunity to  lounge on my bed for as long as the rain permits, but I think the reason for my happiness is the weather because on days that it rains but not Sunday’s I still feel that happiness but not as much as Sunday’s since I have to carry out the activities of that day rain or no rain.

But when I leave the hinterland where my school is situated and come to the city, it’s just not the same feeling. The rain does not make the air clearer because as it rains, the environment is been polluted by the smokes from the generators, the rain instead of cleaning the roads make it messier, the volume of waste deposited in the drainage systems which the rain pushes out to the road is sore to the sight, the way the rain flows down the hill in my school does not flow the same way in the city where I reside – it’s stagnant and causes floods that makes the environment unhealthy and breeds mosquitoes that causes malaria. I wonder why the environment in the city is not in agreement with rain! I mean how can you not be in agreement with the rain?

It’s too beautiful not to appreciate, I thought about it ,the environment in the city is different from the environment in the hinterlands where my school is situated. There are no vegetations or forest to be washed by the rain in the city, only concrete jungles designed to withstand the rain and don’t swish to the wind. There are hardly any grass to absorb the rain not to talk of been clean, the environment is filled with non bio-degradable materials that makes the sweeping by the rain a nuisance unlike the leaves and grass in the hinterlands that decomposes and add nutrient to the soil and continues the cycle of nature.

The air in the city is so polluted with different substances that the rain cannot possibly clear them. The pollution is a continuous process and the rain does not have enough time to clear out the air, even the type of rain that falls in the city is not like the one that falls in my school, the order has been distorted by the pollution of the environment ,it’s either  too much or it does not fall at the right time or it raining does not have any impact like it use to in my school ,I no longer smell the rain like I use to in my school because the environment is  filled with too much toxic substances that the natural pure smell of the rain can not be deciphered, sometimes the rain begins so suddenly and ends so abruptly and farmers are not able to predict the weather so as to determine the planting season.

In my school we usually prepare the environment in anticipation for the rains but in the city no one prepares the environment for the coming of the rain; no cleaning or clearing in anticipation of the rains maybe because the seasons are not predictable anymore. But I long for the rains, the beautiful rain that always made me happy just like the rains on Sunday mornings. I long for  the rain that brings comfort and brings out the beauty of nature, I long for the rain that was in agreement with the environment.

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