Amaechi Emmanuel, a 400 level student of the Department of English, Faculty of Art, University of Lagos is one of the few kind of people that can be referred to as a self styled writer. A member of The Press Club, UNILAG, Amaechi expresses himself mostly on his popular column – Frankly Speaking. As an award winning writer, Amaechi has not stopped wielding his pen through several paper write ups on different issues of interest. With this, we hereby present Amaechi as our Press Icon of the week.


Name: Amaechi Emmanuel

DOB: March 3rd

Dept and Level:  English, Level: 400

Best Food: Rice

Best colour: Green

What are your interests and inspiration?

Ans: My interests are numerous but anything that will make the next person happy, gets me elated.

Why The Press Club,UNILAG?

Ans: The Press Club is a platform that has provided                  an incredible value and a great millage for  me to contribute my stint in writing. I have been a member from High School days.

Apart for TPC, UNILAG what else?

Ans: I   write, I edit works for people. I engage in socio-preneurial activities.

Most memorable or fulfilled moment in school?

Ans:I just received an award today. One of my high heaven days was the day I was drenched in the rain trying to help a lady, who later told me that she wants an uber driver.This space cannot contain the experience of that day.

Most embarrassing moment in school?

Ans: The day I did not help somebody that needed what I have until later.

Relationship status

Ans: Whatever this means, I am in relationship with people I meet everyday

Press Crush 

Ans: Everyone in the club

Celebrity Crush

Well, I like Tiwa Savage

Philosophy of Life

Ans: Whatever you do, be good at it

What do you think of the Press Club?

Ans: It’s a body of some group of informed minds whose duty transcends that of just a watchmen.

When do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans: I could be what you anticipate, tomorrow. So, no quid pro quo.

Tell us something nobody knows about you

Ans: Love little children. I just saw one on the street today, giggle dather. Those little, innocent bunch of creatures resonates something in me whenever I see them

A piece of advice…

Ans: Smile always, for it’s a natural therapy for longevity.


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